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In Big City one day, a strange figure in black hands young bookshop owner, Danny Davis, a special book before he dies.  Inside the book is a picture of a costumed figure.  Looking at it with special filtered glasses he finds folded into the volume, Danny is shocked when a "real, life-size man" leaps from the pages.  He is Captain 3-D
He explains that he's the last of an advanced race that was "dropping D bombs when your ancestors were throwing flint axes."  Captain 3-D was placed in the The Book of D by Professor Five befor his people were exterminated by the vicious Cat People.  Since the man who gave Danny the volume is dead, Danny is left in charge of the book and Captain 3-D. 

Powers and Abilities

Captain 3-D is stronger than human and carries a power pack belt buckle that can be used for "dimensional flight, thanks to a great force from the invisible 4th dimension." 
The first and only issue of Captain 3-D was drawn by legend Jack Kirby.  The character was later revived almost identically in the form of Commando D in 1981 by Americomics.


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