Caped Wonder

    Character » Caped Wonder appears in 11 issues.

    A reporter for the Weekly World Planet and a superhero.

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    Born on the alien planet OtterCreek, the Caped Wonder was blasted off to Earth where he was raised as Clark Oppenheimer. He grows up to a lowly reporter by day and a superhero at night.


    Written and drawn by Ben Edlund.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Caped Crusader makes a glorious entrance into the superhero scene in the City by saving someone. The very next day, however, he meets the Tick. He doesn't realize the Tick is nigh invulnerable and tries to save the big, blue guy from getting hit by a train. Due to the Tick's confusion, the rescue is botched and both men are hit by the train and go careening off a bridge.

    Embarrassed that his career is already marred, the Caped Crusader heads to work to keep up appearances that he is a mild-mannered reporter. He is appalled when he learns that the Tick is hired (as yet another undercover superhero) to be the crosswords guy - with a desk right next to the Caped Crusader, who goes by Clark at work. Clark leaves his desk for a moment and returns to find the Tick rummaging through his private alien artifacts. Clark marches the Tick to the roof to try and strong-arm his way into being the sole protector of the City. He ends up ruining the company statue and the Tick walks away unconvinced.

    After fixing the statue, Clark corners the Tick in the parking garage. He sees that the Tick has made his car into an ash tray and loses his cool. He begins to fight the Tick but is quickly thwarted when his glasses get broken right as Billy the photographer shows up. Clark thinks quickly and uses his fingers as glasses and Billy is none the wiser. The Tick sidles out a side exit.


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