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Candice Willmer was a Company agent who first appeared when Mr Thompson introduced her to Noah Bennet as someone with 'hope'. 

Her first assigment was with Noah to help Isaac Mendez when he was the prime suspect for the murder of Simon Deveaux.  She showed her ability of Illusion Generation. 

Then she worked for a while for Daniel Linderman and she needed to 'borrow' Micah for a while in order to help Nathan win the election.  So she used her ability to transform into Jessica Sanders and later she befriended Micah by buying him rare comic books (including Silver Surfer #1).  

She confronted Nikki in Jessica's form but lost the fight.  She reappeared four months later as she nursed Sylar's wounds.  She called Michelle, but was ultimately killed by Sylar when he tried to take her ability.  He was unsuccessful because he was infected by the Company with the Shanti Virus .

Powers and Abilities

Candice Willmer was able to create illusions.She was killed by Sylar.

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