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Current Events

It has been revealed that the can-toi will appear in the upcoming Marvel title The Drawing of the Three:The Prisoner. The series is scheduled for release in September 2014.


The Can-toi or Low Men are a hybrid race, half human and half taheen. Unlike the taheen, who have the heads of various animals, the can-toi look specifically like rats. Some members of the can-toi aspire to be human, taking human names and wearing human masks to cover their true faces. Others declare themselves taheen, and change their names accordingly. Their human masks are more than a disguise to the can-toi, who believe that wearing them is a key stage in actually becoming human.

Working for the Crimson King, the low men often cross between worlds to do his bidding. They are instantly recognisable, thanks to their strange, garish dress sense and taste in brightly coloured cars.


The can-toi were created by Stephen King.

Major Story Arcs

Sheemie's Tale

Can-toi, along with the taheen, live in and guard the Algul Siento compound.

In Other Media


The can-toi play a large part in the film Hearts in Atlantis, in which they try to recapture Ted Brautigan after he escapes from Algul Siento.


As well appearing in the novella Low Men in Yellow Coats, on which the movie Hearts in Atlantis is based, the can-toi also appear in the novel Desperation.


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