Camus Gold Saint of Aquarius

    Character » Camus Gold Saint of Aquarius appears in 9 issues.

    He is a Gold Saint, guardian of the temple of Aquarius, and master of ice-based techniques.

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    Camus was born in France and trained in Siberia to become a Saint. Rather than stay full-time at the Sanctuary, he chose to return to Siberia to train other potential Saints. In the manga, he is the master of Cygnus Hyoga and Kraken Isaac. In the anime, his pupil is the Crystal Saint.

    Major Story Arcs

    Twelve Temples

    During the Bronze Saints' siege of the Twelve Temples, Hyoga was transported to the Libra Temple by the Gemini Saint's "Another Dimension" technique. Camus was there waiting for him, to test his strength. He told Hyoga that until he was able to let go of his emotional attachments, he would never be able to raise his Cosmo to the level of a Gold Saint. With a long-distance strike, he sunk the ship on which Hyoga's mother was buried to the bottom of the ocean, where it could never be reached. Enraged, Hyoga attacked his master. Camus was diappointed with his student's power, and trapped him in an unbreakable coffin of ice. It was his way of showing mercy to Hyoga, rather than letting him be killed by another Gold Saint.

    Once Hyoga had been freed from the Freezing Coffin by Shiryu and the Libra Cloth, he challenged Camus again in the Aquarius Temple, who again encased him in ice. Hyoga raised his Cosmo and broke out of the coffin, and Camus realized that he had no other choice but to kill him. He used his ultimate technique, "Aurora Execution." Hyoga survived and attempted to fight back, but Camus told him that only a temperature of 0 Kelvin (absolute zero) could freeze a Gold Cloth, and to achieve that, he would have to surpass Camus' own power. Hyoga copied the Aurora Execution move, and the two used them against each other. Hyoga's attack reached absolute zero, allowing him to defeat Camus, though he too was gravely wounded. Camus soon died of his injuries, proud that his student had surpassed him, and had become an honorable Saint.

    Hades Chapter

    Camus and the other Gold Saints who died in the war for Santuary were revived as Specters, servants of Hades, wearing dark versions of their Cloths, called Surplices. Determined to take the head of Athena, Camus, along with Gemini Saga and Capricorn Shura, advanced to Virgo Shaka's temple. Each of the three dead Saints had four of their five senses destroyed by Shaka, and decided to use their last resort--Athena Exclamation, a forbidden attack that required the power of three Gold Saints. Camus was reluctant to use it, knowing that it would erase all of their honor as Saints, but agreed to it in the end. The three then used the attack again against the Athena Exclamation of Leo, Aries, and Scorpio. The opposing forces would have leveled the Sanctuary had the Bronze Saints not redirected the energy upward.

    Camus arrived with the other dead Saints at Athena's temple, determined to kill her. Athena chose to commit suicide, and it was revealed that the three Saints had fooled Hades as part of a plan to revive Athena's Cloth. They regretted having had to kill Shaka, but it was necessary to convince Hades that they were loyal. Upon their return to the underworld, the three planned to kill Hades, and they threatened Pandora that they would kill her if she did not take them to her master. However, the dead Saints' twelve hours of life were up, and their souls returned to Hell before they could accomplish their mission.

    Athena's power later revived Camus and the other Gold Saints, and he gave Hyoga a few words of encouragement before sacrificing his life along with the others to destroy the Wailing Wall blocking the entrance to Elysium.

    Soul of Gold

    Deceased Camus was brought back to the life by Odin making him Einherjar and habitant of Asgard. Later Milo finds him but Camus suddenly attacks him. Shortly after, Milo is confronted by the god warrior and fire master Eikthyrnir Surtr. Both fire and ice masters attack Milo and sents him flying into river. Then Milo meets Shaka and together confronts Camus. He reveals that reason why he fights them and defends Asgard is because at his childhood he accidentally killed Surtr`s sister. Camus alongside with Surtr and Sigmund overwhelms them until Saga arrives. Saga teleports both golden saints into another dimension. After that Shura challenges Camus at Jaheim and matches each other until Surtr arrives and kills Shura. Camus finally awakens his cosmo and betrays Surtr. Surtr burns him with blue flames but gold saint of Aquarius uses his most powerful technique ''Aurora Execution'' and destroys entire God Robe. As they die, Surtr laments at his actions, to which Camus replies that he may finally rest now. At the final clash Lyfia revives dead gold saints and together with them defeats god of mischief - Loki. With the enemy vanquished and Asgard rescued, the Gold Saints begin to disappear, realizing that the life Odin had bestowed upon them was about to wear out. Camus accepts his death and vanishes together with other golden saints.

    Powers and Abilities


    • Cosmoenergy Manipulation - Cosmo is a mystical energy and the fundamental force. Camus`s cosmo is almost limitless as Saint of Aquarius. He can move and hit at light speeds, control atoms and endure universal attacks without scratch. All of this comes with interaction of his gold Aquarius cloth and cosmoenergy.
    • Atom Manipulation - Every Saint has the ability to destroy atoms but unlike them Camus uses it to stop movement of molecules and manipulate ice. He can reach lowest temperature - absolute zero where even atoms stop moving.
    • Psychokinesis - Camus can move ice with cosmo power of his mind and communicate other Saints telepathically
    • Cosmic Awareness - Alongside with other Saints Camus unlocked 6th sense. After his ressurection he entered underworld which means Camus fully awakened 7th and 8th sense.

    Ice Techniques

    Camus uses Diamond Dust against Aries Mu
    Camus uses Diamond Dust against Aries Mu
    • Diamond Dust - A basic technique using the freezing Cosmo energy to shot a blast of freezing energy.
    • Kol'tso - Although Hyoga used this attack sometimes in the original series, it was never said Camus also possessed it until he used in Saint Seiya Episode G. It creates rings of icy wind that encycles the body of the target stopping its movements.
    • Freezing Coffin - This is a technique used to lock a body inside a block of ice, but since it has a slow realization it probably is not effective against moving targets. Although he commented not even the combined strength of all 12 Gold Saints could break this, Griffin Minos destroyed it with a punch when used as a wall by Cygnus Hyoga. Even so, when someone is locked inside it, the only way to get out is creating a temperature lower than that of the coffin.
    • Aurora Execution - Camus's most famous and strongest technique, it claimed to be the technique that best uses the freezing power of its user.
    • Aurora Annihilation - He used this technique in Episode G : Assasin. Camus blasts energy of red aurora and annihilates everything with contact. Hyoga said that his technique was colder and vastly superior to his ''Aurora Execution''


    • Aquarius Gold Cloth - Camus`s original cloth which was used to worship Athena. It requires absolute zero to be frozen and tanks galaxy/universal level attacks.
    • Aquarius Surplice - He worn it in Hades Arc as Specter. It is equivalent to Athena's Cloths and represents monster from Underworld.


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