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    A normal girl who got mixed up with Drax the Destroyer. While she possesses no superhuman abilities, she is not to be underestimated. Cammi doesn't seem to be able to filter ideas that would be considered rude before stating them.

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    Cammi is a ten year old from Coot's Bluff, Alaska whose mother was an alcoholic that didn't pay much attention to her. Her father has been missing for some time and it is unknown if he abandoned them. She encountered Drax the Destroyer when a prison ship he was on board crash landed on Earth just outside of her town. She drags a boy from school along with her to try and find it and encounters surviving prisoners Paibok, Lunatik, and the Blood Brothers. The boy she is with runs away, but she isn't moved at all by the sudden appearance of aliens. The group of escapees make for her town to enslave them in hopes that they can reconstruct a ship from the debris and leave Earth quietly. Drax is intellectually impaired at this time and Cammi, for no other reason than being bored, easily tricks him into thinking she is his daughter. She tells him that the Blood Brothers hurt her and Drax goes into a rage seeking vengeance on those that hurt his daughter. The fight spills into town where the combined efforts of the prisoners kill Drax.

    Cammi then claims Drax's body because it is something special that isn't seen everyday. The body starts to smoke and then transforms into a new, smarter Drax. Because of this, Cammi believes that she is the current owner of Drax. Drax looks into her memories to remember what is going on and easily can tell that she is not his daughter. Drax again fights the prisoners culminating in the death of Lunatik and one of the Blood Brothers. Fearing for his safety, Paibok uses a beacon to call on his captors for their recapture. Having no more reason to fight, Drax waits with him for the ship to arrive. Cammi's mother did not survive the alien occupation of Coot's Bluff. She follows Drax onto the new prison ship and to the planet Xandar, home of the Nova Corps, in hopes that she can find something that will make her happy.

    Major Story Arcs


    After arriving on Xandar, Cammi and Drax are both released from custody on the technicality that Drax's DNA does not match that on record. This is due to his recent transformation. Soon after, the Xanadar cluster is attacked by the Annihilation Wave. Cammi and Drax miraculously survive the attack in a small escape ship that crashes back on the planet. There they encounter the only other survivor and last living member of the Nova Corps, Nova. With his help, they find a ship and leave the planet as it is falling from its orbit.

    Cammi sticks with Drax for most of the Annihilation War who remains with Nova and the United Front. She realizes Drax is only sticking with them in hopes that it will bring him closer to Thanos, who Drax was created to kill. While escaping from a planet under attack by the Annihilation Wave, Drax chooses to stay behind and buy time for the ship Cammi is escaping on despite her protests. After the break up of the United Front, Cammi is left with Gamora after Nova and a small team leave in hopes of killing Annihilus, leader of the Annihilation Wave.

    After the war is over, it is uncertain of what happened to Cammi. Gamora says she got her to safety, but her current location is unknown. She is seen wandering an alien planet with the chaos mite, Skreet, on her shoulder. Drax has since unsuccessfully searched for her.

    Avengers Arena

    Cammi is one of the many young superhumans abducted by Arcade for his game of life-or-death on his island arena, having been taken right out from under S.W.O.R.D.'s noses.

    At the time, she was being interrogated by Abigail Brand in their Peak Station headquarters, after having been apprehended by her organization for violating Earth's treaty with the Shi'ar Empire by attacking a Shi'ar War Hawk ship and siphoning power from their fuel cells. Her accomplices cut and ran when it looked as though they would be caught and killed by the Shi'ar, leaving her stranded and at their mercy. Thankfully, she was apprehended by S.W.O.R.D. instead. However, she did not go down without a fight, shattering the forearm of one of Abigail's best field agents, and nearly killing the rookie that somehow managed to subdue her.

    According to Agent Brand, she had hours of footage similar to this encounter that spread over the previous eighteen months, documenting an impressive intergalactic criminal record she had managed to gain in the aftermath of the Annihilation War. Also, according to the DNA samples that S.W.O.R.D. took from her upon her capture, Cammi possesses no unique superhuman abilities, mutations, enhancements, etc. She was offered a full pardon on earth, Agent Brand citing how it would be " fairly easy to "lose" a 13-year-old human girl planet-side" so long as she assured her that she wouldn't be a threat. However, Cammi stated that she would prefer to extradited to one of the star systems she was wanted in, as opposed to being sent back home to Coot's Bluff. However, before stating her reasons, she was abducted by Arcade.

    Once his challenge on the island had begun, Cammi wasted no time ensuring that she would survive his sick game. She stuck to the forests, kept out of sight of the other groups on the island, slept in the trees, laid traps armed with landmines of extraterrestrial origin, and travelled by night. She was one of the first to notice that, four nights in, someone was hunting them. She met up with Darkhawk and formed a mutual alliance with the former New Warrior. He wanted to make sure that everyone who was life alive made it out of Arcade's clutches in one piece, and she wanted to make it out alive.

    The two split up to cover more ground and figure out who it was that was trailing them. However, before she could make it much further, Cammi was ambushed by X-23, who mistook her for the mystery assailant. She got the drop on her by burying herself in the snow, then sprang upon her, batted away her blaster, and nearly killed her before realizing her scent wasn't that of their attacker. Admitting her mistake, X-23 apologized to Cammi and disappeared into the night. Still, this encounter left its mark on Cammi, causing her to become incredibly angry with herself. She fired into the air in blind fury, creating a massive explosion. After this demonstration of frustration, Cammi discarded her armor and began training to vent her anger. In the bitter cold, snow falling around her, sweat pouring from her body, Cammi began doing pushups, repeating a self-depreciating mantra to herself aloud, whilst being watched from the shadows by Apex and Death Locket.

    "Stupid. Weak. Slow. Stupid. Weak. Slow. Stupid. Weak. Slow."

    She has also formed a tentative alliance with Runaways members Nico Minoru and Chase Stein after they save her during an avalanche in the snow quadrant. She offers to help them with the basic survival of Murderworld in exchange for additional firepower. The trio arrive first at Arcade's food cache, but don't claim it. They watch as Nara and Katy of Braddock Academy fight over Katy's double-cross and the subsequent beheading of Kid Briton by Anachronism. The two groups then form a tentative alliance as Katy and Death Locket flee into the snow. The duo late return, albeit with Katy's twin brother Tim in control of their shared body, being chased by Juston Seyfert in the remains of his Sentinel Mark IV accompanied by Laura. Nico tries to stop Juston from killing the two, but is attacked by him, resulting in Chase revealing that he now has possession of the Darkhawk Amulet. Tim then uses his technopathic powers to stop everyone from fighting.

    Later on, Tim reveals his and Katy's history and how their powers work, prompting the others to vote about whether or not they should kill them before Katy comes back. Cammi is one of the five that votes to spare him, believing that even thought it would be tactically smart it would make them just like Katy. When Katy escapes, killing Juston and taking his Sentinel and Rebecca, Cammi pushes Nico to decide what to do, as she is the only person who can stand against Apex in a fight. Unfortunately Katy attacks before they can do anything, leading to a frantic chase through the snow. Nico teleports everyone else out, but is unable to join them. Cammi, Aiden, Nara, X-23 and Bloodstone wind up on an island with Hazmat and Reptil, and all agree to an alliance. The group sets out to return to the mainland and help Nico defeat Katy.

    However, once they arrive Arcade separates the group quickly, leaving Cammi with the remaining Braddock students. Cullen, overcome by how pointless it is, seeing as it's day 29 of 30, picks a fight with both Cammi and Aiden. Cammi then gets him to reveal some of his backstory, but are interrupted by Arcade unleashing a cloud of Trigger Scent which causes Laura to go into a frenzy and attack everyone. Cullen removes his Bloodstone Ring and unleashes the parasitic Glartrox to combat Laura, but is unable to control himself. Cammi finds the ring first, but loses it in the nearby water, prompting Nara to search for it while she and the others distract the Glartrox. Nara is successful in finding the ring and transforming Cullen back, but is killed in the process, driving Aiden into a murderous rage and attacking Cullen. Cammi blasts him off, but the situation dissolves quickly. Nico flies off with Cullen trying to kill him, Reptil and Aiden are fighting in the woods, and Hazmat and Laura are somewhere in the woods, leaving Cammi and Chase with the Darkhawk armor alone on the beach.

    Cammi tries to convince Chase to stop Nico, but this results only in her gun being broken by him when she points it at him. When Chase powers down to apologize, Cammi breaks his arm and leg before cutting the amulet out of his chest with two glowing crystal knives. She takes the amulet and charges Nico, stopping her from killing Cullen, but this only leads to Nico believing she had killed Chase and the two fighting. Luckily, Hazmat made it to the beach with her powers going critical. The impending explosion stops the fighting and the group is saved by Reptil, who pulls Jenny into the water. Katy meanwhile, now in control of Murderworld, unleashes all of Arcade's traps on the survivors at once, causing them to ally. Cammi tosses the amulet back to Chase, before attacking a sentient typhoon with her daggers.

    Death Locket, also not dead as previously though, kills Apex at great personal cost and ends the games. Cammi then tells the group of survivors that they need to get their stories straight before they leave. Hazmat reappears from the water and the group all agrees to a pact of silence. Cammi was last seen talking to Abigail Brand, wrapped in a blanket. Unbeknownst to them, Arcade filmed the events and released the footage online, thereby nullifying the pact.

    Avengers Undercover

    Three months after the events of Murderworld, Cammi found her mother, though dead, and the two are now living in Anchorage, Alaska. Cammi is seen attending AA meetings with her mother, who went sober once she saw that her daughter was alive when the Murderworld footage went live. After the meeting, Cammi says goodbye to her mother and flies to one of Ulysses Bloodstone's manors. Anachronism has called many of the survivors because Bloodstone has disappeared and hasn't been heard from in three weeks. He was last seen throwing himself into Bagalia, home of Baron Helmut Zemo's Masters of Evil, because that was were he believed Arcade to be. Cammi, Aiden, Chase Stein, Nico Minoru, Hazmat, and Death Locket all agree to go to Bagalia and infiltrate the Masters of Evil in order to find and rescue Cullen.

    However, upon entering the city, the group is attacked by numerous teen villains including Black Knight, Coat of Arms, Egghead, Excavator, Executioner (DuBois), Mako, Melter, Mudbug, and Snot. After the fight ends, Cammi leads the group to Arcade's bar The Hole, where she believes Cullen is being kept. However, when it is revealed that his being there is voluntary, the group proceeds to mingle with the bar's numerous villainous patrons.

    Four hours later, Cammi pulls everyone out of the bar and tells them they're leaving, at which point Cullen appears. He is joined by senior Masters of Evil members Hellstorm, Madame Masque, and Constrictor. When Cammi threatens Cullen if he's about to betray them Constrictor and Madame Masque argue over who gets her. Cullen says he wants to show them something, at which point Daimon teleports the group away. When they reappear they are at a black-tie party for an undisclosed person. As the hostess of the party finishes her toast, Arcade teleports in and Cullen reveals that they are there to get revenge on him for Murderworld.

    Powers and Abilities

    According to DNA samples taken from Cammi by S.W.O.R.D. upon her capture following an assault on a Shi'ar War Hawk, Cammi possesses no superhuman abilities. She is not a mutant, cyborg, mutate, mystic mutate, alien, hybrid, or a clone. Her genes aren't radioactive, she hasn't been possessed, supercharged, or artificially enhanced in any way, shape, or form. In short, Cammi is an average, 13-year-old human girl. However, there are many things about her that cannot be explained.

    For starters she has, what Abigail Brand refers to as "one Hell of a poker face," which suggests she may have developed a resilience to certain forms of torture, physical and possibly psychological as well. However, this has yet to be expanded upon. As well as an uncanny aptitude for hand-to-hand combat, besting highly trained S.W.O.R.D. operatives with impressive skill and strength alone. Being strong enough to shatter bone and adept enough to handle a veteran agent by her lonesome. All while under the rigors of zero-gravity. She also possesses great agility, able to perform a handstand in zero-gravity, climb trees with ease, and fall from a significant height without sustaining any visible injury. She also possesses keen survival instincts, most likely gleaned from both life in the Alaskan wilderness, and during her tenure under Drax the Destroyer.

    She knows how to set traps, make tactical observations and formulate strategies on the fly, hunt and track prey or opponents, use the environment to her advantage, manipulate others for her benefit, make split-decision judgement calls, and avoid detection in a wilderness environment. She has also managed to comprehend advanced alien piloting and spacecraft controls, simply from having played video-games for most of her childhood.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Aside from her skills in combat, Cammi makes use of a wide variety of alien technology, most of which she has managed to acquire over the 18 months she spent in space following the end of the Annihilation war.

    Spacesuit: Her spacesuit comes equipped with a high powered jetpack and extreme thermal resistant linen fibers lined along the fabrics of the suit for vacuous space travel and entering/breaching planetary orbit. Not only does it protect Cammi from environmental extremes, it also holds a variety of extraneous technological functionality. Such as thermal scanners, infrared vision, navigational charters. After Avengers Arena and Undercover, Cammile had uploaded new programming into her uniform, courtesy of the villainous Arcade. She now has access to all of the latter's Murderworld's power mods, but unlike Arcade. Cammi's suit is not limited to any specified location setting (likely due to nanomachine' tech wear programmed into her costume). Giving her cosmic level tier of power at her command if necessary. Powers ranging to

    • Telekinesis
    • Matter & Energy Manipulation
    • Force Field Projection
    • Weather Control
    • Superhuman strength, agility, speed, reflexes, stamina
    • Invulnerability
    • Mechanical & Organic Regeneration
    • Light speed flight
    • Life-support/Self-sustenance.

    Plasma Pistol: During her escapades on Murderworld, Cammi made use of a focused handheld ionic blaster with expert precision

    Anti-Personnel Mines: Cammi often makes use xenotechnological shaped charges. Either ranging from simple pressure-activated ones to advanced voice-activated mines which can be deactivated by the command code "Waldorf."

    Cryo-Fusion Grenades: Used to capture Drax while traveling through space. They release freezing plumes of chilling vapors which render the effected target flash frozen.

    Silencer Pistol: A simple single bolt action handgun with a muzzle on it.

    High-Powered Carbines: Cammi often makes use of a great many alien assault battery's while on mission as a mercenary/space adventurer. A great many of which are powerful enough to blow holes in incredibly robust spaceships, or even down powerful individuals known for their physical resilience like her old friend Drax.

    Energy Daggers: Camille often makes use of glowing telescoping pocket knives which're sharp enough to penetrate Raptor Android armor.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: 4' 7"
    • Weight: 80 lbs
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: Brown
    • Unusual Features: Extraterrestrial tribal tattoos on her shoulders and biceps.

    Other Media


    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Marvel: War of Heroes
    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Dust appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

    • [Space Brat] Cammi

    Marvel: Avengers Alliance

    Avengers Alliance
    Avengers Alliance

    Cammi is a playable character in the game, and she can be recruited by completing the Special Operation 33 "Masters of Evil: Headhunting".

    Her bio in the game says: Camille "Cammi" Benally was living with her alcoholic mother in Coot's Bluff, Alaska until Drax the Destroyer crash-landed on Earth in a prison ship. Drax protected Cammi from the escaped convicts attacking her town before taking her into space. Cammi stayed with Drax as he joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, but eventually, the two parted ways. Cammi started to fall in with the wrong crowd, committing various crimes across the Galaxy. She was eventually apprehended and exiled to Earth. Ever since her time in space, Cammi has been unable to return in normal life and is continuously drawn into a life of superheroics.


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