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The Score

The story starts out with a mysterious women, who is speaking of her addiction to a drug known as A39. A steroid. She is waiting in the dead of the night, to score the drug of a dealer called, "Cracky" It does not come easy to this women, she feels like a naughty school kid, edgy and nervous. She continues to wait in the Dark for "her man" alone or so she thinks. Cue DR Mid-Nite or Dr Cross as he is known at the moment, He advises her that she should not be smoking, as it leads to cancer, lung disease etc... At the moment the mysterious women thinks the Dr is there to score, "Cracky" shows up, looking like a young hip Crack head- Chains, sunglasses and his cap slanted to the side like some urban nightcrawler Gangsta. The Deal goes down but the Dr does not invest, after the deal is done, he calls upon his friend Nite Lite to catch up with the girl as he has other things to attend to.

Camilla Marlowe#

we learn her name is. She moved to portsmouth 7 years ago, reasons for moving include, Affordable housing, Escape from crime, better quality of life. She lives in a small part called parkway, she love it here "coz people mind there own business" she is a web-designer, which suits her because she can work at night. Some day she wishes to be a Mystery Writer, but she holds a pessimistic attitude to this, and fills her mind full of doubts and depression.

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