Camile Chameleon

    Character » Camile Chameleon appears in 12 issues.

    A shape shifting villain of Darkwing Ducks's rogue gallery

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    Camille was fascinated by chameleons and their ability to adapt to any environment. She extracted the essence of the chameleon, gaining the power to shape-shift. She also retained chameleon attributes, such as green feathers, a tail, and a lisp.  Using her shape-shifting powers, she attempts to create her own money by posing as Mrs. Howl, owner of a large newspaper chain. Her plan is thwarted when intense heat speeds up her metabolism, rendering her unable to control her shape-shifting. This leads to her turning into a lizard, but she soon returns.


    She was created for the Darkwing Duck Telivision series in the episode "To Calm a Chameleon". She made in her first appearance in comics, not in the Darkwing Duck series but as a part of some rogues hired to stop Scrooge from returning some of his treasure in the brand new Duck Tales Series.

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