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(note: the majority of Cameron's appearances are in Science-Fiction magazines that can be called comics due to sci-fi comic strips contained within their pages, a pure comic book story with the character has not yet happened but is highly in demand)

Cameron is a Terminator whose model type is still unknown, she was based on the physical appearance of a girl named Allison, who was a member of John Connor's resistance who was captured by the machines. Cameron was given false information about the resistance by Allison, and failed to infiltrate the human resistance. In retaliation, Cameron killed Allison. Sometime after Cameron was captured and reprogrammed by the resistance. She was sent back in time to protect John and Sarah Connor, following the revelation that the death of Miles Dyson, and the destruction of the T-800 sent back in time to protect John, and the T-1000 sent to kill him. As of yet they have failed to prevent Judgment Day.

Cameron posed as a teenage girl named Allison Phillips in order to get close to John Connor. She flirted with him, showing that she can be extremely human like at times. John developed a half crush on her before discovering what she was. Since then Cameron has not been very human like and has shown only a more robotic personality.

In the live action TV show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Cameron is portrayed by Summer Glau. She helps get Sarah and John Connor to the year 2007 to give them the chance to destroy Skynet before it is even created. She does everything possible to protect the two and will kill anyone to keep the future from happening. She is more advanced than most Terminator's, able to understand humans more clearly in order to blend in. However, she is still very robotic.

Cameron's name is of course a homage to Terminator director James Cameron.

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