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Cameron Palmer was originally an ordinary teacher at Kiden Nixon school. When a fight broke out including Kiden, Cameron organised a meeting with herself, Kid and the Headmaster in the office. They didnt get anywhere so Kiden left, but Cameron persued her to ask her some questions. However, a boy pulled a gun at Kiden, who used her time powers to dodge the bullet and it hit Cameron instead.

The adventure begins

After having loads of time off work, Cameron split up with her husband and now lived alone in her apartment. One night Kiden, who had been on the run since the shooting appeared and found Cameron unconscious in the bath, having taken a vicodin overdose and bleeding insanely. She was taken to hospital and laughed when Kiden said it was her fault Cam was shot.

Leaving hospital, Cam and Kiden found X-23 who was on the run from Zebra Daddy and his mob. They had many encounters with the gang and also picked up another member, Catiana

After their final encounter with the mob, X-23 killed Zebra Daddy. Cams current whereabouts is unknown.


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