Cameron Kane

    Character » Cameron Kane appears in 10 issues.

    An ancestor of the Kane family of Gotham, Cameron was a part of the core group of men who directed the construction of modern day Gotham, and possibly responsible for the death of one of its architects.

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    The primary land-owner of Kane County, north of Gotham City, Cameron was a prominent figure in the county in the 1880s, known mostly for its seedy nature including gambling, prostitution and violence.


    Cameron Kane was created by Batman: Gates of Gotham writers Scott Snyder and Kyle Higgins


    Major Story Arcs

    Gates of Gotham

    With Gotham City being brought into the modern age by the architect brothers Nicholas Anders and Bradley Gate, known as the "Gates of Gotham," Cameron wanted Kane County, the land north of Gotham, which he owned most of, to reap the benefits of Gotham's modernization. He approached the project's funders, Alan Wayne, Theodore Cobblepot and Edward Elliot in the hope that he could persuade them to have the Gate brothers build a great bridge connecting the Kane and Gotham counties. Though he persuaded Elliot, Wayne and Cobblepot were hesitant to connect Gotham to the less than reputable Kane county. They brought in Anders to break the tie between building the bridge to Kane county, or more land to the east that Wayne owned, and due to his allegiance to Wayne, he chose to build the bridge to the east. Displeased, Kane left with not much protest.

    During the construction of the bridge, a tragic accident caused a collapse that lead to the death of Bradley Gate. Due to paranoia and madness caused by decompression sickness, Bradley's brother, Nicholas believed Cameron to be responsible for the bridge's sabotage, and thus his brother's death, but Alan would not stand with Nicholas, driving him even madder. Nicholas decided to take the matter into his own hand, dawn one of his architectural suits, and attack Kane, seeking revenge. At Kane's house, Nicholas attacks Kane, who is defended by his son Robert. Nicholas, believing no one innocent, kills Robert, but his suit locks up due to a previous shot gun blast. The police arrive to find Cameron safe, taking Nicholas away.


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