Cameron Hodge

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    Angel's jealous college roommate who later had his wings amputated. Archangel decapitated Hodge, who survived thanks to a pact with N'astirh. Hodge later became a cyborg and a part of the Phalanx.

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    Hodge's jealousy of Warren Worthington III grew into a general hatred of mutants by the time he was an adult. He posed as Warren's friend and become a trusted advisor. When the original members of the X-Men wished to operate in secret due to growing anti-mutant prejudice, Hodge led Warren to believe that posing as mutant hunters would be the best cover. In fact, however, when the team advertised as the "X-Terminators", a group of bounty hunters targeting troublesome mutants, it only whipped the anti-mutant fervor into a frenzy, with Hodge subtly guiding the ad campaign.


    Cameron Hodge was created by Bob Layton and Jackson Butch Guice and first appeared in X-Factor Volume 1 issue 1 (1986).

    Major Story Arcs

    Hate for X-Factor

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    Because of his hate for Warren and mutants in general, Hodge started to embezzled money from the team, particularly Warren, to finance a terrorist group called The Right. He also made a deal with the powerful demon N'Astirh to magically protect him should the mutants discover his duplicity. When Angel was injured during the Mutant Massacre, Hodge arranged for the doctors to amputate his damaged wings. His girlfriend Candy Southern was also murdered, secretly by Hodge. Angel seemingly committed suicide over these losses, but had in fact been captured by Apocalypse and turned into the cyber-winged Horseman of Death. After breaking free of Apocalypse, now calling himself Archangel and learning of Hodge's betrayal, Warren used his new metallic wings to slice Cameron's head off. Yet, preserved by the demonic spell, Hodge was now unable to die. He did, however, go mad.

    X-Tinction Agenda

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    Next turning up in the mutant-enslaving nation of Genosha, Hodge masterminded a plan to capture the entire X-Men/ X-Factor/ New Mutants extended family, planning to use the alien Warlock to become a techno-organic shapeshifting immortal. He used a massive, heavily armed cyborg body with his still-living head attached to fight the teams, but lost the battle and his new body, and his head wound up buried under rubble.


    But Hodge later achieves this goal anyway, when Hodge's head was recovered by the Purifiers, and assimilated into the Phalanx, an alien techno-organic offshoot of the Technarchy ( Warlock's race). Though he was rendered inert for a while by Archangel, he got better and is currently allied with the Purifiers.

    Second Coming

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    During Second Coming, Hodge and his soldiers battled the former New Mutants. Hodge had his head placed on a powerful robotic body, and severed one of Karma's legs. He was killed by Warlock, who fed on his life force, reducing his head to an empty husk.

    Power and Abilities

    Being a baseline human, Hodge relies on weaponry and technology to battle the X-Men. He then made a deal with the demon N'Astirh to give him immortality. In his cyborg form, he had installed in himself weapons and it also serves him with a bit of invulnerability. He then had combined with the Phalanx, thus obtaining their collective powers.

    Alternate Versions

    House of M (Earth-58163)

    In this reality, Cameron is a member of the Human Liberation Front, a terrorist group fighting Emperor Shiro Yoshida's rule. He was later seen in a SHIELD interrogation room being questioned by agent Foley and Ford about the location of the resistance's location.

    X-Factor Forever

    Hodges severed head was collected by Caliban, working for Apocalypse. The head was merged with the destroyed Master Mold to create Master Meld. The Master Meld was used to attack X-Factor and was to distract the team so Apocalypse could infiltrate Ship and access the data that Ship had sent to the Celestials. Master Meld is defeated by X-Factor.

    Other Media

    Cameron Hodge appears several times throughout the "X-Men" animated series. His first time in his human form working as a politician on Genosha in "Slave Island" his second time, dons the more familiar techno-organic form in the series version of "The Phalanx Covenant".


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