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    Cameron Chase is a government agent whose task is to monitor and neutralize meta-human threats to national security.

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    Cameron's father, Walter Chase, was Acrobat of the Justice Experience, a team of heroes that existed after the Justice Society, but before the Justice League. Her dislike of costume crime fighters stems from her childhood, when the maniacal Dr. Trap murdered her father. Cameron blamed his death on the clandestine nocturnal antics that had made him a target. Dr. Trap later tried to kill Chase, but the Martian Manhunter intervened.


    Cameron Chase was created by Dan Curtis Johnson and J.H. Williams III

    Character Evolution

    Modern Age

    Cameron Chase (Modern Age)
    Cameron Chase (Modern Age)

    Former private detective Cameron Chase became one of the top agents in the Department of Extra-normal Operations, a branch of U.S. intelligence that keeps tabs on the Earth's meta-humans and supernatural beings. Working under Director Bones, Chase has discovered the alternate lives employed by the shape-changing Martian Manhunter, she has run a mission with the Suicide Squad, played bodyguard for the Teen Titans during a toy store opening and tried to deduce the true identity of the Batman (she mistakenly concluded that he was Green Lantern Alan Scott).


    Cameron Chase (Post-Flashpoint)
    Cameron Chase (Post-Flashpoint)

    Director Bones sends Chase to Gotham City in order to capture Batwoman.

    Major Story Arcs

    Modern Age:

    Chase's Assignment


    She has also helped to recruit Kate Spencer to work with the DEO and has assisted her on many occasions. She starts a relationship with Kate's tech assistant, Dylan Battles.

    Sweeney Todd Case

    Meanwhile, Agent Cameron Chase is investigating the murders of women who possess metagenes. Each victim is missing their pituitary gland. Cameron theorizes that this Sweeney Todd killer targets women who are reaching the cusp of their metahuman abilities and eating the pituitary glands in order to sustain himself. Cameron then gets a call from Dylan saying that Kate and Damon are inviting them to a concert. The four of them are greeted by Todd Rice who got the tickets for the concert. Unfortunately, the concert is interrupted by the Sweeney Todd killer who crashes the show with a car. Todd reacts by becoming Obsidian but the killer’s straight razor severely wounds him. The killer is after Cameron who possesses metagenes from her father. Kate blinds the killer with her Manhunter claws. The killer wallows in pain and Kate ends his suffering by cutting his throat with the straight razor. In a flash of red light, the ghost of Sweeney Todd escapes his host’s throat and disappears.

    The Wrath of Dr. Trapp

    The next day, Cameron gets a call from her sister Theresa. She is being held hostage by her father’s killer Dr. Trapp. Cameron confesses to Dylan about that terrible day she was held hostage by Dr. Trapp. Dr. Trapp was a cybernetics engineer who hated the Justice Experience. Cameron managed to escape Trapp by using her metahuman ability to inflict disorientation. Dylan volunteers to be Cameron’s back up when she goes to rescue her sister. Trapp texts Cameron to go to the Justice Experience Wax Museum. Cameron enters the museum and is rudely greeted by the museum’s curator. Cameron tells the curator that she is Acrobat’s daughter and wants to take a look around. The curator leaves and Cameron makes her way to the exhibits and finds Terry. Cameron frees Terry but she is taken by surprise by Trapp who appears from the shadows.

    Dylan hears Cameron’s cries for help and heads to the museum but the doors are automatically shut as well as electrified. Cameron wakes up and realizes that she and her sister are hanging over a vat of molten wax. Dr. Trapp was about dip both girls into the vat until Dylan busts into the museum with a Firefly costume that he had in the back of his van. At one point, Trapp gets the upper hand and is about to sink his teeth into Dylan’s neck but then Dylan uses a flame throwing gauntlet from his hand to burn Trapp’s face. Trapp falls into the vat of molten wax. Dylan frees the girls but Trapp pops out of the vat. Cameron beats Trapp’s skull in with a lead pipe. Cameron then realizes Trapp is actually a robot and the real Trapp was impersonating the curator.

    In the future, Cameron and Dylan later marry, though her career keeps her away most of the time.

    Cameron is later imprisoned by the Global Peace Agency along with Nemesis and other government operatives. Cameron and Nemesis struggle to escape the reality altering prison they are confined in.

    Powers & Abilities

    Dampen Superpowers

    Highly intelligent, skilled with both computers and handguns; appears to possess a latent ability that allows her to dampen the superpowers of others meta-humans. This unconscious talent has protected her in the past, though she has yet to exploit it fully.


    Cameron Chase
    Cameron Chase

    Height: 5'5"

    Weight: 129 lbs. (59 kg)

    Eyes: Green

    Hair: Blond

    Other Versions

    Other Media


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