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The Girl With The Golden Gun
The Girl With The Golden Gun

Camellia is the sister of Earth-1610's Chameleon and a shape-shifting thief slash murderer. Unlike her brother, who appeared throughout the entire "Tainted Love" arc, Camellia was only heard via telephone conversations with her brother.

But when her brother brought J. Jonah Jameson and Peter Parker, who had been drugged with a substance that temporarily nullifies his powers, Camellia stepped out into the light and revealed to them her favored form:

A mannequin-esque faceless young woman with a curvy hourglass-shaped body partially covered by the same kind of trashy clothing worn by hookers and prostitutes.

Upon seeing her Jonah freaked out and demanded to know what she wanted from him and Peter and were given an explanation.

However, as she changed her face to that of Jonah's she told him that this was about Peter now and that Jonah himself was no longer a factor in her and her brother's plans to obtain everything they have ever wanted.

Then, using her golden pistol, she shot Jonah point blank in the head and pushed the chair he was strapped to over while altering her face to look like Peter's and then began the process of mentally torturing Peter.

 Sleep now, Jonah
Sleep now, Jonah

She did so by filling Peter's head with the idea of her brother bringing physical harm to his girlfriend Gwen Stacy and how the stress of seeing "Peter" harm Gwen would affect his Aunt May.

With that image and the images of the repercussions of such a horrific event set in Peter's mind, he became hysterical and ended up being bashed over the head by Camellia's golden pistol twice.

It was not long after that her brother came crashing into their hideout screaming that they needed to kill Peter as quickly as possible and make a run for it.

However, when Chameleon tried to kill Peter, the drugs he had been given wore off and gave Peter enough power to dodge the bullet, break free of his bindings and deck Chameleon.

Chameleon then stunned Peter with an electrical energy blast and hysterically demanded that Camellia give him another gun but instead of doing so, she protested against killing Parker and demanded that they make their escape before its too late.

 So Screwed
So Screwed

Camellia quickly realized that the temperature in their hideout was going down rather quickly and came to the conclusion that The Human Torch and Iceman had managed to find and follow her brother back to his hideout.

But before they could get out of there, an impenetrable wall of ice cut off all their escape routes and marked the arrival of Peter's friends and fellow super-heroes.

Camellia chastised her brother for becoming too greedy, which she believed allowed this to happen but before she could finish chastising him, she was sucked down into the ice and sealed away in a human sized, life-sustaining ice cube of Iceman's own making.

She was later taken to The Triskelion with her brother but was placed in a separate cell somewhere else in the detention cell units.

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