Character » Cambodian appears in 11 issues.

    An enemy of Captain Atom, he was a former member of Khmer Rouge and one of the parties responsible for framing Adam.

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    The individual known as Rako was once a Vietnam survivalist whom had been taken under the wing of a Central Intelligence Agency specialist named Alec Rois. Who, at the time, was apart of a corrupt military gentleman's club known as the Green Elite.

    A secret sect of war profiteers who used the intensity of various warzones to mask their illicit contraband trafficking ring. One of his jobs as Rois' right hand was acting as his and the Elite's wetwork specialist. Doing dirty business his superiors tasked for him to accomplish in their stead, a bit of black ops work Rako was assigned had involved the framing and court martial of one Captain Nathaniel Adam for the alleged killing of his senior officer; General Lemar.

    Who, unknown to Adam at the time, was a charter member of the Green Elite and had slated the under ranking subordinate and his war company for a snark hunt which nearly lead them all to being annihilated while on the battlefield. All in an attempt to cover his own tracks when the good captain and his trusted friend Sgt. Jeffrey Goslin, had caught wind of the clandestine cabals misdeeds.

    A coarse of action which would see Lemar fatally excommunicated from the overseer's of his inner circle.

    Major Story Arcs

    Modern Age

    Some two decades later, after the Atom Project had fielded it's dishonorably discharged operative as a test subject. The refugee would expand his horizons from simple assassination and hitman occupation, expanding his horizons by parsing and selling weaponry strengthened and refined using the stolen X-Ionizer technology.

    Even going so far as to fashion his own facilities which have been modified by the same apparatus. Cladding himself in armor and medieval melee as he took up the criminal alias of the Cambodian. Acting as a samuraiesque arms dealer whom fashioned and sells weaponry similarly treated like his own equipment on the underworld circuit. All while maintaining subservience to his caretaker/employer who later resigned from the C.I.A. to step into more profitable trades. Such as quantum physical weapons development at Lockleed Aircraft, to eventually becoming the leader of a fringe cult of fanatics whom serve at his beck and call.

    Skills & Paraphernalia

    Personal Data


    • Height: 6'8 (2.07 m)
    • Weight: 200lbs (91kg)
    • Eye Colour: Black
    • Hair Colour: Black/White
    • Skin Colour: Tan Caucasian

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