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    The woman named Calypso has a history shrouded in mystery. She was the lover and partner of Kraven until he met his demise, and she carries on his hate for Spider-Man.

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    Calypso first appeared at the side of Kraven The Hunter , as his lover and partner. She was originally a manipulator, taunting and making Kraven try to fulfill his own promises of hunting and killing Spider-Man , his arch-nemesis. She enjoyed when Kraven got angry and violent toward Spider-Man for her own reasons and prompted him to be in a rage as often as she could.


    Her first appearance was in the Amazing Spider-Man #209.

    Character Evolution

    Never a major villain to Spider-Man she has nonetheless proven to be a worthy adversary when he has had to face her.

    Major Story Arcs

    Following Kraven the Hunter's death in the events of Kraven's Last Hunt, she began dressing like him, wearing the shirt that Kraven wore when he hunted. Calypso became more of an antagonist for Spider-Man at this point, using her mystical abilities to concoct a potion that possessed the Spider-Man villain, and occasional friend, the Lizard, because she believed Spider-Man was the reason Kraven was dead. Calypso was so full of hate for Spider-Man that the only thing she focused on was revenge. It was revealed that around this time Calypso sacrificed her own sister to gain her powerful voodoo powers. Making the Lizard fight Spider-Man in a church, the battle made the whole building's structure collapse on itself, even though both the Lizard and Spider-Man made it out alive, but seemingly killed Calypso.

    She has since returned from death a few times. At one point, she went to Kraven's son, Alyosha Kravinoff, believing him to actually be Kraven. When she revealed her mistake, he laughed at her, starting her ire. She attacked him at Kraven's old home in the Caribbean Islands, using zombies. Spider-Man was involved and Calypso again tried to make him fight to the death, this time against Alyosha. After her spell broke, Aloysha took Calypso captive, to the dismay of Spider-Man, and killed her in his home.

    Calypso resurrected herself again, this time to do battle against Daredevil and Spider-Man. This time she used a servant, the Zombie.


    Practicing witchcraft
    Practicing witchcraft

    Calypso is a powerful voodoo witch that uses traditional voodoo items at her disposal, like the Yoruba Spirit Drum and Bira bells and various poisons. With her magic, she has been able to cloud the minds of others, create zombies and even possess others. She has also been able to resurrect herself on a few occasions. By sacrificing her sister, Calypso not only gained extra mystic abilities, but she also increased her original powerful black magic powers. Using her newfound abilities she is one of the most effective voodoo users on earth, and arguably, one of the most powerful, due to her vast knowledge of the black arts.


    • Height: 5'9"
    • Weight: 120 lbs
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: Black Dreadlocks

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