Calvin Poole

    Character » Calvin Poole appears in 32 issues.

    A Corporal in a secret army unit headed by the Vassals of the Morning Star, Calvin Poole was accidentally infected with Pearl Jone's vampiric blood in the Pacific theatre, during World War II.

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    Calvin Poole was created by American Vampire co-creators, writer Scott Snyder and artist Rafael Albuquerque.

    Major Story Arcs

    Ghost War

    Calvin Poole was a member of a secret unit of soldiers put together by The Vassals of the Morning Star during World War II, in order to investigate Japanese vampire experiments in the Pacific Theatre. Other members of Poole's squad included American Vampire Pearl Jones' husband Henry Preston, and the original American Vampire, Skinner Sweet, who had infiltrated the unit. Poole's unit was eventually captured by the Japanese military, and kept imprisoned where they'd experiment on their mutated strand of vampires. When Henry finally gets Skinner to reveal his true form, the unit stage a darring escape, while the US army commenced a bombing on the facility. Though Poole ended up being rescued thanks to Henry and Pearl, while in the wreckage of the facility, a vial of Peral's blood that Henry had been carrying in case he ever needed to turn himself into a vampire in a last ditch effort for survival, had broken, and seeped into Poole's blood, infecting and turning him into an American Vampire.

    The Nocturnes


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