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Born to Jorel and Lara in the science capital on Vathlo Island on Krypton, baby Kalel was sent to Earth to escape his homeworld's destruction. He was found and raised by a human couple. As an adult, he operates as Superman while also serving as the President of the United States on Earth-23.


Calvin Ellis made his debut in Final Crisis #7, being that his only appearance before the Flashpoint reboot. Beyond being revealed than Nubia and him were from the same Earth and his job, little was known about him.

Major Story Arcs

The Curse of Superman

One day, inhabitants from an alternate Earth (scientists Clark Kent, James Olsen and Lois Lane) came through a transmatter symphonic array to his Earth, running away from Superdoom, their universe's Superman who already had killed others Superman doppelgangers. When the evil Superman came through, Superman fought him and won, with the help of his archenemy Lex Luthor.


In Multiversity it was revealed that Superman (Calvin Ellis) is member of his own world's Justice League composed mostly by afro-american heroes. When Thunderer called for help through the 52 universes, Calvin was the last summoned. However, he was ready to help to rescue the last Monitor and stop the menace of the Gentry, depiste the resistance of the Retaliators of earth-8.

However, Superman discovered that Nix Uotan had been corrupted by the Gentry and he was attacking earth-8. With the help of heroes of several parallel earths, the menace of the Gentry was stopped, but not before discovering from where were all those problems being originated: earth-33.

Worried about the potential threats than could menace the multiverse as a whole, Superman asked for volunteers to put in effect a multiversal task force to defend all the universes in case of another attack: Operation Justice Incarnate had born. For President Superman, it's just another job on top of his Presidency and work as Superman.



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The story is centered around the main earth's Superman, however, Calvin still plays a prominent role in this arc. A threat is coming to the main earth's Superman. Calvin needs backup and therefore he travels to other earths to form a team of "Supermen". It appears that the threat's only goal is the extinction of all Supermen. With their combined powers, they are able to beat the threat.

Flash Forward

When Earth 23 was attacked by a manifestation of the Dark Multiverse, Superman was one of their victims. In his help, a lost Wally West came into his rescue. Before the Justice League of America of Earth 23 attacked Wally, Calvin stopped them. He explained than he was attacked by creatures who were byproducts of a tear between universes were the dark matter were bleeding into the earth and in one hour will devour the planet. To stop the spreading of the dark matter, Calvin was forced to use the anti-life bomb, one than was going to kill millions of people, as last resource. Wally West then intervined to go to the center of the tear where the dark matter was bleeding into earth 23, only to find the Retaliators and the Zen-Men, heroes from earth 8, who had a similar trouble in their own earth. When Wally stopped the menace, Calvin intervined to stop the anti-life bomb and giving the troubled flash some words of confort. He offered his help, but Wally choose to leave in search of the next dark matter event.


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