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Callisto's origins are unknown, although she has claimed that the scars she bears are proof of "how dumb a mistake" it was for her to try to live among normal humans; in one of her earlier appearances, her greatest psychological fear is the image of the beautiful woman that she once was, although she may have overcome that as of the present.


Callisto was created by Chris Claremont and Paul Smith. She appeared for the first time in 1983's Uncanny X-Men #169.

Major Story Arcs


Leader of the Morlocks.
Leader of the Morlocks.

When Callisto first appeared she was leader of the Morlocks, a group of mutants who lived in the sewers . The Morlocks were first formed well over twenty years ago by Callisto, Sunder, Caliban, and Masque. In her first appearance, Callisto kidnapped Angel and stripped him of most of his clothing, intending to make him her mate. Callisto also attempted to cripple Angel by cutting away his primary feathers. To rescue Angel, Storm challenged and beat Callisto in a duel for the leadership of the Morlocks. As the new leader of the Morlocks, Storm decreed that they would no longer kidnap and terrorize surface-dwellers, and in return they would have peace. Callisto regards Storm with both resentment and respect due to Storm defeating her in hand-to-hand combat, but she sneers at what she considers Storm's "weakness," namely her conviction not to take a life, or to take revenge on baseline humans that despise mutants.

Callisto attempted to take revenge on the X-Men by trying to force Kitty Pryde to wed Caliban, and battled Storm again.

When the wizard Kulan Gath enslaved the city of New York and transformed it into a Hyborian Age city, Callisto became his warrior servant. She battled Storm again, but Storm saved her life. Callisto helped defeat Kulan Gath, and as a result Callisto and her allies found themselves on a new time-line where Kulan Gath never transformed New York. Thereafter, Callisto found herself as more of an ally to the X-Men. She rescued Professor Xavier after he was nearly killed by anti-mutant Columbia University students. She also saved Power Pack from the Morlocks Annalee and Masque. Callisto was wounded during the Marauders' massacre of the Morlocks, and took refuge with the X-Men. She befriended Storm and convinced her not to give up leadership of the X-Men.

Muir Island

Callisto & Moira.
Callisto & Moira.

After a while, Callisto moved to Muir Island to become the bodyguard for Moira MacTaggert. With Moira, she was transported to an alternate Earth were Britain was dominated by Nazis. Meanwhile, the Nazi counterparts of Callisto and Moira appeared on the mainstream Earth. These counterparts captured Brigadier Alistaire Stuart at the Tower of London, but failed in their attempt to escape the Tower of London. Both Callisto and Moira and their counterparts then returned to their native Earths.

Callisto later encountered an amnesiac Colossus, who had assumed the identity of artist Peter Nicholas. Peter remembered nothing of his former life after his journey through the Siege Perilous. The two became attracted to each other after Masque reshaped Callisto's flesh, restoring her beauty to greater than what it was before she was scarred. Rather than an act of kindness from Masque, he had taken control of the Morlocks in Callisto's absence and saw fit to capture and psychologically torture her when she reappeared in their tunnels, restoring Callisto's beauty only to take it away later as a means of tormenting her. The process was repeated several times before Callisto and Colossus were finally rescued by Forge, Banshee and Jean Grey.

Callisto began a career as a fashion model and moved above ground, embarking on a new life with Peter Nicholas as her lover. They were attacked at one point by Genoshan Magistrates but defeated them. Together they were happy until the Morlocks later attacked Callisto, who were still under the influence of Masque. Masque had grossly transformed the Morlocks, leaving them with grotesque physical mutations. They nearly beat Callisto to death. The Morlocks' Healer treated her wounds, but accidentally restored Callisto's scars and her original physical deformities. The Healer's powers were overloaded by the severity of her injuries, killing him in the process. Callisto vowed revenge on her former followers for stealing away her looks, and then allied herself with Mikhail Rasputin, Colossus' older brother. Mikhail and Callisto appeared to have perished when he used his powers over matter to flood the Morlock tunnels.

Callisto & Marrow

She next appears with Marrow and the two join forces and rekindle the relationship they had before. The two commonly fought alongside one another and Marrow posed as a daughter. They clashed with Storm and Cable some time later. Later still they tried to kill Gyrich for his support of Operation Zero Tolerance only to be stopped by Spider-Man. In the end she saved Marrow and Spidey by throwing herself in between them and certain death at the hands of a Prime Sentinel. They returned to the sewers. Severely wounded, she was cared for by Marrow, but the Dark Beast manipulated her during her recovery. During this time, she asked Marrow to join the X-Men in order to protect her and not to let her be alone.

The Arena

Transformed by Masque.
Transformed by Masque.

More recently, Callisto was once again transformed by Masque, having her arms reformed into tentacles. Callisto was also under Masque's control in "The Arena," an elite fight club in Japan. Callisto and Storm battled each other in the Arena, but later both escaped with help from Storm's friend, Yukio.

New Excalibur

Last seen, Calisto was one of the main characters in the new Excalibur title, where she was helping Professor Xavier and Magneto rebuild Genosha. Ironically, this alliance briefly reunited her with Archangel. Callisto also has a maternal relationship with Marrow, acting as a mother-figure towards the young mutant, making her the only person Marrow would follow nearly blindly.

M-Day & X-Cell

In the aftermath of M-Day, Callisto is among the many mutants to have lost her powers. Quicksilver offered to her the Terrigen Mists, stolen from the Inhumans, as a way to restore her powers. Callisto willingly accepted the offer and the Mist effectively restored all her previous abilities but without any control over them. Her new senses were so acute that even a drop of rain caused her tremendous pain; unable to handle it, she fell into a coma. She was later taken to a hospital, where the effects of the Mists wore off.Currently, Callisto has been reunited with Marrow; they are both members of the X-Cell, a group of mutants who hold the government responsible for their power loss.

Powers & Abilities

Callisto had heightened strength and reflexes, and also possessed enhanced senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. She later developed a mutant tactical ability, and was able to immediately intuit the solution to any tactical problem, be it a particular circumstance or an opponent. She was classified as a delta level mutant.

Even without her powers, Callisto is an excellent tactician, huntress and tracker, and a very formidable and capable leader. She is skilled in virtually every form of hand to hand combat known, and is also adept in the use of knives, which she frequently employs.


  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5' 9"
  • Weight: 130 lbs (59kg)
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Black

Alternate Versions


In this reality Callisto was a Nazi. She was the bodyguard of the Nazi version of Moira MacTaggert. While on a train ride, they were transported to Earth-616 where they were watched over by Excalibur. This event led up to the Excalibur Story arc, "Cross-Time Caper."


In the Ultimate Universe, Callisto was a member of The Morlocks.

Earth-295: Age of Apocalypse

In the Age of Apocalypse,Callisto was the head of a band of pirates. They saved a bunch of people - including Nightcrawler - from suffocating in a submarine, but later they stole their goods and left them to die in the ocean. She is confronted by Nightcrawler after he realized what she was doing. During their struggle Mystique appeared and killed her, out of the frame, leaving Callisto's body floating in the Atlantic Ocean.


In the Mutant X reality, Callisto was a member of the Morlocks and the lover of the Mole Man.

X-Men: The End

In this reality Callisto is the companion of Charles Xavier. Psylocke enters a room with the two inside and Callisto can instinctively sense something is wrong. She yells for Charles to get to safety and then proceeds to start throwing knives at the intruder, who turns out to be a War Skrull in disguise. Callisto is knocked through a wall and her knives are hurled back at her, killing her.

Other Media


X-Men: The Last Stand

Callisto in X-Men : The Last Stand
Callisto in X-Men : The Last Stand

In the film Callisto has gone through quite a change, she was the leader of the Omegas and then joins Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants. In place of an eye-patch and scars this version of Callisto is instead beautiful but heavily tattooed and she seems to harbor a strong dislike towards Storm. She was electrocuted by Storm during their climactic battle on Alcatraz. It is unknown if she was destroyed by Jean's telekinesis, or even if she survived Storm's lightning, though in the novel version she was spared by Storm who chose to follow Xavier's more peaceful attitude.

Callisto's powers in the film are a combination of her own and two other characters. While she retains most of her fighting abilities, she has gained Quicksilver's ability of super speed, and Caliban's ability to detect other mutants.


X-Men: The Animated Series

Instead of Angel, whom the Morlocks abducted in the comic books, Callisto leads a group of Morlocks to abduct Cyclops and Jean Grey. However, the aforementioned mutants were later rescued by their fellow X-Men.

X-Men: Evolution

Callisto in X-Men: Evolution
Callisto in X-Men: Evolution

Here Callisto is depicted as a less-violent, more even-tempered leader of the Morlocks. She first appeared to sabotage a beverage company where its beverage is revealed to be poisonous to mutants. She later returned when anti-mutant thugs were using laser technology to attack the X-Men, Spyke, and Leech. Callisto inspired Spyke with her advocacy of living a more peaceful life underground, within the tunnels for those mutants who fear to live with humans because of the violence against their race. Callisto acts as their leader and cares about her members - especially for Torpid who is only a kid. When the humans decided to attack Morlocks they found above ground, Spyke gets them fight back. The Morlocks, including Callisto, fought against the humans until the conflict was resolved by the powers of Leech.


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