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Major Story Arcs

Marvel comics continuity

Before the War between Autobots and Decepticons came to the Nebulan home world Caliburst was an actor. Once considered great and appreciated by the acting world, he eventually became cocky and overplayed his parts. Wanting to find a place where his talents would be appreciated, Caliburst joined the Decepticons. He underwent the Targetmaster process to bond him with the equally outspoken Slugslinger. The Decepticon Targetmasters had their trial run against Fortress Maximus and the Autobots. Eventually the Decepticons of Nebulos left the planet went to Earth.

In Other Media


Transformers (1984)

Caliburst was a member of the Hive on Nebulos and could control machines with thoughts. They were tyrants and used that power to dominate the peasants. Unfortunately the development of their mental powers had left their physical bodies useless. When the Decepticons arrived on Nebulos, the Hive's leader Zarak saw an opportunity, and the Hive joined with the Decepticons to undergo Binary Bonding to allow them mobility. Some of the Hive became Headmasters, while other like Caliburst became Targetmasters. Targetmasters who binary bonded with Decepticon became powerful blasters. After pairing up with Slugslinger, Caliburst suggested his own name, because "he'd never missed a shot in his life." Slugslinger retorted "that was because Caliburst had never fired a shot in his life."


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