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The Great War

There are very few records that still exist with information about the great 'nameless' war. And for those documents that have been preserved in time, very little is spoken about why the war was fought and what forces clashed in battle. It was during this epic fight that War Golems were created. War Golems are incredibly _complex_ constructs that are armed to the teeth in the finest weaponry and magical armor and equipment. Their design is easily identified as Dwarven made and it is difficult to find builders and tinkerers outside of the dwarven race that have the ability and skills to repair or construct War Golems (Though elite Gnome builders have been used to repair 'Bretto).

The function of the War Golem was to prevent the loss of human life, increase army efficiency, and increase the army firepower. The Golems were programmed to obey their human masters and executed their orders with flawless precision. These Golems were specifically designed for combat scenarios, utilizing their scanning abilities to determine the most efficient way of defeating their enemies and utilizing their awesome fire power to vaporize large forces in minimal amounts of time. These machines did not require sleep, were unaffected by darkness, and could travel large distances without the requirement for rest. The War Golems soon began to replace the human soldiers.

It is currently unknown the exact quantity of War Golems produced for the Great War but it is spoken in rumor that entire legions of Golems were amassed for a final attack. War Golems also served the purpose of chronicling the Great War, using there abilities to record information in battle as a documentation tool. While War Golems are impervious to natural death and are able to retain expansive amounts of memory, there is currently only one War Golem still in functioning condition and it appears to have no recollection of the Great War. This is in large part due to the actions of King Vaneer.

For a period of time after the events of the Great War, War Golems were used to defend territories and coexisted with their human rulers. In time, many people began to fear the War Golems and the awesome power they possessed. Anticipating some kind of uprising from the War Golems, issues were given to dismantle the Sentient Golems who had faithfully served their kingdom.

Under the regiment of King Vaneer, any Golem seen publicly would be terminated and it's valuable parts would be liquidated into the royal treasury. This made it nearly impossible to live undetected for those Golems who had attempted to hide away. 'Bretto is one of the last known living functional War Golems and the outlaw of Golems is still in effect and enforced in Vaneers kingdom.

A New Life

'Bretto was found by the great wizard Knolan, and was repaired and rejuvenated by the spell caster. For a being that was created solely for the art of war, 'Bretto is incredibly docile . Under the tutelage of Knolan, 'Bretto has become the care taker of Knolan's estate, performing simple tasks around the property and remaining indoors out of the public eye for the remainder of the time. Knolan and 'Bretto seem to have a Father-Son relationship, 'Bretto being the younger inquiring son. For as much complaining Knolan does about the 'tin-can', it seems that he has grown very fond of having 'Bretto around to talk to, argue with, teach, mentor, and take care of.

'Bretto finds a new friend in the nine year old Gully. When he first met the child, she was being chased by a group of shape shifting Lycans. 'Bretto had to defend himself from the Lycans who wished to attack and defeat the War Golem and sell his invaluable parts. 'Bretto easily disposed of his attackers by redirecting lightning from a storm into the ground and releasing the energy towards the Lycans. Gully has been thankful for the War Golem ever since. Together, their child like natures work well in tandem as does their misunderstanding of complex and seemingly irrational behaviors of adults. Gully confides many of her fears and worries to Calibretto only, and he in return, lends a listening ear and thoughtful response.

'Bretto is consistently portrayed in almost a druidic fashion, often times communing with nature. This is in stark contrast to the very nature of which he was built; To war, destroy, and kill. It is unknown why Calibretto is so docile or how he turned away from his aggressive and warring protocols. It can be speculated that under Knolans tutelage or perhaps, even wizardry, the War Golem was able to overcome it's programmed instincts and become it's own 'person'. Either way, 'Bretto is no threat to human beings but is still scrutinized and feared by the human race. Calibretto handles this with efficient coolness that only a robotic construct could possess. He is completely unphased by the way in which he is viewed and very understanding of why he is feared.

 The Gentle 'Bretto enjoying a good book with Gully
The Gentle 'Bretto enjoying a good book with Gully

'Bretto apparently enjoys feeding birds (which consists of him standing like a statue holding bird feed and allowing the birds to perch on him), revitalizing rare plant species, and pondering the difficult questions in life behind a backdrop of greenery. He is sometimes completely spellbound by things of nature and spends much of his free time discovering natures mysteries within the confines of Knolans estate. This is not to say he is incapable of violent and decisive action. When Gully, or one of his teammates is in apparent danger, 'Bretto kicks it into high gear, exposing the arsenal of weapons stored in his body as a sign of offensive aggression. While he is an extremely capable fighter, 'Bretto is sometimes uncertain about joining in the fray; especially if it's against Knolans orders. It is unknown why he sometimes is hesitant but is speculated that he does not wish to relive his violent and historical past, of which, he either has little to no recollection or chooses to forget or erase from his memory banks. Regardless, none of his teammates inquire about his past out of respect of his character and it is yet to be revealed how he served in the great war so it remains a mystery to this day.

Fugitive Lifestyle

With King Vaneers laws still in effect, traveling with 'Bretto is a difficult task. He is sometimes seen wearing a large shambly coat and giant, broad brimmed hat. His attempts at covering his machinery and gears is noble but he still ends up looking like a giant house with clothes more or less. On top of dressing incognito, the group most move through less traveled roads or more dangerous roads. This isn't much of a problem for Garrison, Knolan, and 'Bretto but the nine year old Gully is an alarming liability on these difficult roads. While it is almost immediately apparent to spot the War Golem underneath the clothing, 'Bretto isn't without a few tricks up his sleeve. He is able to scan his surrounding area for any living life forms that might discover the walking construct and find a place to hide or to warn the others that someone is on the way.

While traveling with the Battle Chasers, there is never an immediate danger of him being captured by enforcement or bounty hunters. The power between the four members is enough to send the most veteran and powerful enemies on their way. However, 'Bretto, being the docile personality he is, would rather there be no confrontation whatsoever, so that nobody would come to harm over his outlawed existence.

 An example of Bounty hunters looking to cash in on 'Bretto's
An example of Bounty hunters looking to cash in on 'Bretto's "goods"

On his own however, 'Bretto is at considerable risk of being overwhelmed. Depending on how prepared his enemies are of attacking a fully functioning War Golem, 'Bretto may have difficulties fending off multiple attackers. His defensive nature does not help matters. He will often give a warning to possible threats. This could be due to a programming protocol, but it is not unlike his nature to strive for peace before action. In one particular case, a group of prepared Lycans managed to surprise the Golem, shorting out his cannons with their own electromagnetic weaponry and ultimately disabling the War Golem. Gully soon came to his rescue to which he was able to recover from the temporary stasis he was in. One advantage 'Bretto does possess is the fact that his parts are extremely rare and, in a way, nearly invaluable. This will always end up being an asset to the War Golem as most of his attackers will attempt to keep his parts in good functioning condition to better profit from their targeted captive.

This, of course, poses the next situation of his fugitive lifestyle. Bretto is constantly running from not only the law but from bounty hunters and pirates alike. The magical pieces that makeup the construct, along with the advanced and devastating weapons he is equipped with are worth a small fortune. Many bandits are more than happy to search and destroy War Golems in the name of King Vaneer because of the profit they will knowingly attain. One clever Lycan, upon discovery of a fully functioning War Golem, exclaimed "that the parts alone would be worth twice their weight in gold." 'Bretto must always be on the defensive when he is out and about in case of a surprise attack. It is always a high priority to conceal who he is when outside the estate of Knolan for reasons previously stated.

This is the main reason why the War Golem is restricted to night time appearances outside of the estate. This would lead to the eventual running into of Gully, the first night they met, while she was carrying the keepsake of Aramus and being chased by the Lycans. It is no coincidence that 'Bretto was out and about that night, being forced to observe the wildlife and nature under the cover of darkness.


'Bretto was built for War. It is the sole purpose of his existence. While his personality is at odds with his functions, his prowess on the battlefield is second to none. 'Bretto possesses keen abilities and has an almost limitless lifespan because of his construct nature. This allows him to be a devastating foe, able to outlive his opponents simply by being rebuilt. His battles are few and far between in the book, Battle Chasers but those chronicled show a being born for battle.


'Bretto, whether he wishes to or not, always seems to be under constant attack by the greed driven Lycan hunters. Individually, these fighters are no match for the War Golem. Only in packs can they attempt to take on the construct, and even then, they need the proper weaponry to have a chance. The odds of victory don't seem to bother the Lycans or discourage them from attempting to cash in on the valuable materials that makeup Calibretto.

There have been victories and losses to the Lycan warriors and it is usually based on the situation at hand. One particular loss was due to an unexpected sucker punch, in which 'Bretto was zapped by some neutralizer. Calibretto will generally have the upper hand if he can detect his opponents. The farther away they are detected, the better 'Bretto is equipped to take out his opponents. The long range targeting systems and devastating artillery literally rip through the Lycan fighters. He is also able to physically crush the Lycans, grabbing them with his giant metallic hands and sending them to the ground with devastating force.

'Bretto appears to view these Lycans as lesser creatures or at least as creatures of inherent evil. He will not hesitate to use lethal force against them. He can sometimes be hesitant with other opponents, issuing verbal warnings first before taking action, but the Lycans seem to incur the wrath of the War Golem. This could be due to the fact that this is a common enemy that he has had to deal with on a consistent basis.


 'Bretto sustaining massive damage in the fight against Bulgrim
'Bretto sustaining massive damage in the fight against Bulgrim

The battle with the demonic Bulgrim, left 'Bretto severely injured. Being crafted as a living weapon by dwarven hands, 'Bretto was nearly useless against the Demon who was impervious to man made weapons (and apparently dwarven made ones). Upon unleashing a good bit of his arsenal on the demon, 'Bretto soon realized that he could not injure his opponent. The demon was able to assault 'Bretto with physical attacks, but the fight never really got off the ground. Before the Demon could finish off 'Bretto, Vaneers army stepped in and unleashed their artillery on both combatants.

Bulgrim was completely unharmed by the assault, taunting the armies of Vaneer. 'Bretto was not as fortunate, suffering massive amounts of damage. This event would end 'Brettos fight with the demon temporarily. Clinging on to consciousness and processing probabilities of victory and defeat, 'Bretto was able to overhear Gully exchanging words with the Demon and realized that the bracelet of his vessel was the achilles heel of the demon. Calibretto's was able to get a lock on the vessel and fire a piercing shot to destroy the bracelet, sending the demon from the mortal plane. The damages 'Bretto sustained would last for quite some time. His internal hard drive remained intact and he was able to fully recover.

The Borrower

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'Bretto's role in the battle against The Borrower was seemingly insignificant. He was still badly damaged from his encounter with Bulgrim and Vaneers' army. On top of this, he was incapacitated so that the gnome builders could complete repairs on him. When the borrower sweeps through the town absorbing fallen warriors, it makes it's way into the room where 'Bretto was being repaired, killing the gnome workers and absorbing them into itself.

Gully returns to where 'Bretto is to find that no one is around. The giant construct sits motionless in the corner with parts still missing when suddenly, the borrower engulfs the room and assaults Gully with its multiple limbs. For reasons yet to be explained, Calibretto inexplicably comes alive to protect Gully from the Borrower, rocketing himself into the monster and removing it from the room. 'Bretto then goes lifeless once more and would take no further action in the fight. The bizarre nature of the machine being able to turn itself on at will is something that we can only speculate as a 'self awareness' that extends past the realm of technology and into something that more resembles a soul. How does 'Bretto know that Gully is in danger when he is completely shut down? How does he initiate power when he is completely incapacitated and incapable of any motion or thought? These questions are still a mystery as the series has come to an abrupt end. It can only be assumed that Joe Mad had something special in store for 'Bretto and this latent power was to perhaps be developed later on in the series.(see section on Sentience)

Powers & Abilities

'Bretto possess no super powers though his very existence is a bit of mystery even for modern technology. Calibretto is somehow infused with mana creating a living thinking construct capable of intelligent thought, witty banter, and able to make decisions based on no other protocol other than what he feels is the best decision. He is simply a magical construct created by master dwarven crafters. It is unknown whether or not his sentience is from the incredible building abilities of the dwarves or from a source of powerful magic that has imbued the construct with it's own thoughts and ideas.

Abilities of a Construct

His body is covered in Runic symbols and it is yet to be determined if these markings protect him from damage. Being a construct, 'Bretto is unaffected by lack of sleep, drowning, psychic attacks, mind control powers, and, as a construct, he has no vital organs thus, he can not suffer a fatal blow. 'Bretto has been severely damaged to the point of him being incapacitated and unable to function and yet, was able to fully recover simply by being repaired by gnome workers. 'Bretto also has unlimited stamina and does not require any amount of 'rest' to sustain energy output because he has no muscle tissue which require nutrition, oxygen, and rest. 'Bretto also harnesses an onboard computer system capable of processing information, situational factors, and tactical values allowing him to compute and process information with exceeding accuracy and efficiency. It isn't always apparent what's whirring around in 'Bretto's head but it can be assumed he is constantly calculating values and balancing equations.


'Bretto possesses a large arsenal of highly advanced weapons capable of massive amounts of destruction. He has been seen with chain guns, mini-guns, energy cannons, flame throwers, electric captures and releasing mechanisms with the ability to harness the power of lighting, and missile launchers. It is assumed that he must be outfitted with ammunition on occasion and that his energy projectiles deplete his mana source. 'Bretto utilizes his computer processing abilities to make very accurate and intelligent decisions. He can process information much faster than a human being and is constantly processing information about his surrounding areas, enemies, etc.

On top of his awesome arsenal, 'Bretto can fire with extreme accuracy, using his on-board computer processor to target opposition and lock on. His visual receptors are outfitted with infared which allows him to track and 'ping' enemies that are unseen or hard to detect. Some of his weapons are even outfitted with laser pointers further increasing his accuracy to make him an extremely effective marksman.

'Bretto is equipped with booster jets that are capable of defeating gravity and sending the multi-ton construct airborne at high velocities. This allows him to travel great distances as well as deliver crushing blows with an accelerated boost from the blasters. It is rare to see 'Bretto use his boosters as it is sure to attract too many unwanted inquiring eyes, but, in dire situations, 'Bretto can become a speedster in the skies. It has never been revealed where his fuel supply is located on his person, or how large his fuel supply is. It can be assumed that the fuel tanks are the cylindrical structures on his back or are perhaps hidden inside his massive chest cavity.

More than Sentience?

While Calibretto is clearly capable of sentient thought, independent ideas, personalities, likes and dislikes, he is still a construct none the less and relies on a quantity of mana to fuel his 'soul'. When he is powered down, he cannot exist inside the shell of magic armor and is temporarily 'shut down' with no ability to communicate, display emotion, etc.

However, in an issue of Battle Chasers, 'Bretto was shut off for repairs in mid conversation with Gully. While this startled the girl and even angered her, there was nothing more she could do about the situation and was forced to leave so that workers could finish repairs on the construct. When Gully returned to see if they had finished, she was attacked by the The Borrower. Even though 'Bretto was completely shut down during this event, he was in the room where Gully was in trouble and, suddenly and inexplicably, 'Bretto came to and activated his thrusters, saving Gully and removing the Borrower from her immediate vicinity. 'Bretto then went 'dead' again and was not recovered until later on in the series.

It is unknown as to whether or not there is something special about 'Bretto. His ability to turn himself 'on' at will, activating his sentience without a source of power, suggests that maybe underneath that armor, there is a soul of something more than just magic and machine. It seems like it's no coincidence that he is the last surviving War Golem and has demonstrated these incredible abilities...

Battle Chasers

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'Bretto belongs to the colorful and charismatic group of fantasy heroes that call themselves Battle Chasers. The team consists of Four Members ( Gully, Calibretto, Garrison, and Knolan)with an additional helping hand from the extravagant thief Red Monika. Together, they create a powerful team that is well balanced and able to deal with any dangerous situation or powerful villain/villains. The team itself really doesn't consist of any SUPER heroes. The Battle Chasers exist in a universe that is heavily fantasy based, meaning that the skills and abilities of the heroes are from their exceptional and almost legendary prowess as adventurers. The innate abilities of 'Bretto, along with his equipment outfit him with all the tools necessary to deal with supernatural villains.

'Bretto's place on the team is probably the most estranged. Because he is a giant Robot/Golem, it is difficult for him to 'fit' in with the others. On top of this issue, he presents the problems previously mentioned about forcing the team to travel incognito and on less traveled roads. This is a bit of a burden for the entire team though it doesn't seem to have any serious effect on the team morale.

His relationship with his teammates is varied. He is rock solid with both Gully and Knolan. With Garrison, well, there really isn't much of a relationship to speak of. They don't hardly communicate with one another, though it isn't necessarily that they dislike one another, it just seems like the situation never arises for one another to say more than a few words when they are together. It is apparent that Garrison appreciates the marksman abilities of 'Bretto and trusts the War Golem in battle, allowing him to do whatever his processors compute.

The most unifying ideal that the group shares is its desire to find Aramus and reunite the child with her father. When situations are difficult and times are tough, this is often the glue that keeps everyone together. They all realize that they are in action because of this ideal, and genuinely feel that they are doing a great thing.

The way the team operates in combat is incredibly balanced for a four man team. Gully serves as the biggest physical threat, overpowering her opponents with sheer force and determination. She is also able to 'tank' the most damage with her invulnerability often outlasting the entire team in a long battle. The second front line fighter is Garrison, the swordsman. He is more of a finesse fighter, using his awesome swordskills and legendary blade to strike down opponents. He is the most agile member of the team using a balance of skill and power to defeat his opponents.

The other two members are more catered to long range attacks though 'Bretto can take it to the house with physical domination. That said, 'Bretto is a long range master wielding many advanced long range weapons and is able to fire them all with deadly accuracy. His tracking and locking system is second to none making him the perfect marksman in tight situations. Knolan rounds out the team adding a lot of diversity in ranged attacks. This magician is one of the oldest human beings alive and has one of the most varied and devastating spell books. He can do it all when it comes to spell casting, protecting himself using magical barricades, casting explosive spells with singular targeting and area of effect damage, and is even able to banish enemies to another plane or dimension. It seems there is no limit to his power as he has demonstrated spells of all kinds, melding with walls, creating duplicates of himself, and summoning his traveling cloud 'nimbus'.

Together, the team is able to take on the likes of any. Melee, Ranged, and Magical. There is no area where the team does not excel. The team itself has never tasted defeat though it has come close at times. This can be attributed to the well balanced nature of the team as well as their expertise in all forms of combat.


It isn't surprising that 'Bretto has very few friends in life. What, with all the laws that make him illegal to exist and the constant threat of attack he lives under just because he as himself is a valuable object makes it difficult to find close and lasting relationships. That being said, he does have two great friendships with his teammates that are both unique and very different from one another.


The old codger was responsible for finding the ancient War Golem though it is not known where and when he was found. Of the people living in existence, Knolan might have been one of a handful that would have known what to do with the intact War Golem. Using his talented magical ability and incredible intelligence, Knolan was able to rebuild and repair the War Golem; A feat said only to be possible from the race of dwarves and gnomes. For what purpose Knolan decided to invest the time and energy of rebuilding the Construct is still unknown. Perhaps he was lonely, or possibly bored and in need of a side project away from his magical studies. It is well known that Knolan suffers from insomnia, which is probably attributed to his incredible intelligence combined with his fear of past enemies coming back to haunt the earth.

Not much is known about the developing relationship between the two but when Gully first meets the pair, it is obvious that they had been in one anothers company for quite some time. While the war golem is clearly ancient in its design and origin, Knolan is also a bit of a dinosaur, said to be one the oldest living human beings, using magic to unnaturally prolong his life. The two have become close in a way that two very good friends will yell at one another and still be on speaking terms. Knolan is often heard calling 'Bretto derogatory mechanical terms like 'Tin can' and 'Rust-bucket' and referencing his mechanical build in put downs like, 'cool your pipes'. 'Bretto doesn't seem to mind, using that tough talk as motivation to show how sentient he can be in thought process and in showing emotions.

The two seem to enjoy one another's company, each being able to teach the other something new. 'Bretto usually offers up a patient, cut and dry, logical suggestion when Knolan is on a bit of a frenzy. At the same time, Knolan teaches 'Bretto the simple lessons in life, mainly dealing with issues related to basic wisdom, and how to make the right choice. While 'Bretto is quite capable of making the 'right choice', often times it can be just a computer process that doesn't make much sense to the construct. That's when Knolan comes in and attempts to explain the situation and why you would make certain decisions. The passing of each others polar opposite mindsets is at its best when Gully first arrives and the two banter about what should be done.

The one thing Knolan offers 'Bretto is a no questions asked, supportive friendship. It seems like he has no interest in 'Brettos strange interest in nature and the elements and will simply supply the Construct with the proper tools for enjoying his hobbies and past times (e.g. buying large quantities of birdseed for 'Bretto, or planting seeds and tending to the flora and fauna of the area; things that are difficult to do with giant machine hands). In return for this no questions asked friendship, 'Bretto listens to Knolan implicitly, obeying his wishes and helping out with chores around the estate. Perhaps at first glance, one might see the pair to be at odds with one another but upon further review, it is easy to see that they very much enjoy one another's company.


Where Knolan and 'Bretto are complete polar opposites, Gully and 'Bretto are very similar in more ways than one. The nine year old titan, Gully, may be the closest to Calibretto; even closer than Knolan. Calibretto seems to appreciate the company of Gully more so than any other human being mainly for the fact that Gully treats him like a human with real feelings rather than a 'tin-can' construct. She confides in him her deepest secrets and thoughts and, in return for simply listening to the girls stories, she showers him with love and affection. The two seem to always be looking out for one another and are very in touch with what the other is thinking even if no words are exchanged between them.

There seems to be an endearing relationship between the two, much in the way a young child loves her pet, with the exception of this 'pet' being a sentient War Golem capable of complex thought process and emotion. Gully is often seen snuggling up to 'Bretto, joining the Golem in his druidic activities of feeding birds and communing with nature. When 'Bretto becomes seriously injured from the battle with Bulgrim, and is forced under for repairs, Gully would spend the entirety of her time visiting her friend and conversing with him about the new and wonderful things she had found while wandering about the town they were residing in. When Gully is alone, she often will look for things that 'Bretto may have an interest in, such as a new or rare plant, and things of that nature, to report on and share when she next comes in contact with the Golem.

It should be said that there relationship isn't perfect. It can be frustrating for Gully to share her feelings with the Golem to which he can't comprehend or has difficulty understanding the logic of. Being a child doesn't help matters, as she naturally has a difficult time relating her feelings or sharing her experiences even to the most understanding of adults. So to have a robot as a best friend can amplify these problems. It never really amounts to anything significant. Gully will usually let things go when she realizes 'Bretto can't comprehend what she is feeling or will try to find a new approach to sharing what's on her mind. There was scene from the book where Gully is off thinking about her brother Sebastius Nefar, and skipping stones absentmindedly across the water. 'Bretto is naturally looking for her and when he finds her skipping stones, he attempts to join her casting a large boulder into the water to which the large splash disrupts the peace and quite.

It's events like these that help define the two as friends. 'Bretto insists she is performing some form of magic to make the stones 'dance' across the water. He can not, for the life of him, get one of the large boulders to skip across the water and thus, assumes it is some magical ability. This thinking process is much in part due to living with Knolan the wizard for a long period of time. Actions he can not preform are considered magical abilities, so he inquires Gully how to preform the magic. While it is frustrating for Gully to sit down and explain something to the clueless Golem, it helps her take focus off of the horrible stories her brother had been telling her about her father and the two end up talking one of their more serious conversations of the series. The two are nearly inseparable and it is very clear that, though he is a War Golem, 'Bretto treasures his time with Gully.


There is hardly a relationship here. The common things that these two share help keep them on the same page but they don't seem to have a further interest in getting to know one another. With all of the similarities between the two, it is strange to see that they really have no interest in becoming close friends. While 'Bretto was born for war, and has battled literally all his life, Garrison is much the same. Garrison is a lone wolf warrior who is constantly battling for justice. They share the same approach to fighting as well, often preferring to solve conflicts without bringing out the big guns. Along with these similarities is the fact that both want to protect Gully from harm and will do anything they can to ensure the childs safety.

It could be that they got off to a bit of a rough start. 'Bretto and Knolan were taking Gully to the capital city in order to seek King Vaneers advice on what should be done about the Gauntlets and to see if any news of Gullys father had come in. Meanwhile, Garrison was pursuing the group under suspicion that 'Bretto and Knolan had kidnapped Gully. Garrison ambushed the group, booby-trapping Calibretto into a giant chasm and rescuing Gully from the would-be kidnappers. Well, Knolan and 'Bretto responded in the same way Garrison had, believing the rogue warrior had attempted to kidnap the child with evil intentions. They exchanged blows, 'Bretto warning Garrison that he would take his life if the child was not returned safely. Garrison was far outmatched without his blade but it didn't much matter when Gully jumped in the mix revealing that the mysterious rogue warrior was none other than Garrison; legendary swordsman. After things were explained, it seemed like 'Bretto was a little bit protective of Gully, stopping the advancing Garrison and telling him to obey the child's wishes to leave the group.

It's not that they don't like each other, it's more the fact that they never get a chance to sit down and talk/bond with one another. They always seem on the go and in opposite directions from one another. There lack of a friendship has no ramifications on the battle field. Together, they are capable of working in perfect tandem, there abilities complementing the others quite well.

Creator: Joe Mad!

The character Calibretto is the creation of comic book penciler/writer Joe Madureira. The entire line up of _Battle Chasers_ was created and designed by Madureira and the series spanned 9 books before it's abrupt cliff hanger ending without a real ending to the story of the heroes involved.

According to Madureira, Calibretto was the hardest character to design. While he wanted to have a 'War' element to the construct, he had to make it look like it could exist within the fantasy realm of the Battle Chasers universe. Madureira expressed concerns with his original designs stating that they all appeared, "too futuristic" for his tastes. The design had to be believable and, on top of that, it also had to be capable of showing emotions. With the expressive and thoughtful character, Madureira was concerned that he wouldn't be able to portray the complex emotions and ideas that the War Golem would be showing.

It is well known that Madureira has been heavily influenced by fantasy games such as dungeons and dragons and the creation of Calibretto fits right into that mold. In fact, slightly after the book and character were introduced, Wizards of the Coast wrote a separate campaign called Eberron, which included War Golems! While these constructs were not very similar to Calibretto's design, the basic principle and ideas behind the origination and purpose of war golems remained very similar.

Some might think that having a Robot on the team would make for a boring character with little to no personality but Madureira has carefully crafted the character to be very charismatic, if not, the most endearing character of the book. His personality is easy to identify with and his awesome power on the field of battle makes him a fan favorite!

While Madureira appeared to be moving the character of Calibretto in leaps and bounds, the series abruptly ended leaving important questions about the character unanswered. It seemed as though Madureira had plans for Calibretto to possess a real soul, becoming completely aware and free from the bounds of a power supply. This is of course all speculation and fans are still awaiting some kind of closure on the book and on the characters. There is some minor hope for fans of the book as Madureira has stepped once more into the realm of penciling after a long break in the video game industry. Perhaps there will be a conclusion sooner than later...


Calibretto and crew were a smash success right off the bat. It is hard to put a finger on what exactly was the biggest seller for fans, but this is mainly due to each element of the book being of exceptional quality. 'Bretto's character is certainly a major part in the success of the nine issue series, giving fans and readers a loveable docile giant with a heart of gold. Madureira talks about the character and the developing process of creating him, saying that he wanted to be as different as possible with the series, giving readers something new and refreshing. With the iron giant with sentience and sincerity along with the new and bizarre fantasy universe that he existed in, readers simply could not get enough of the up and coming wildstorm comic _Battle Chasers_. With the success of the story and characters, Madureira, who was running the entire show (character developement, story, and art), allowed fans to become an actual part of the comic book series, holding contests to 'create' the next enemy in the series. This was a unique concept that allowed readers to really feel like they were as much a part of the product that they were enjoying so much as was the actual creator.

Along with a change of pace storyline, characters, and universe, the book also featured amazing pencils by Joe Madureira, voted one of the top ten comic artists of the 90's. His amazing pencils were topped off by solid inking by McWeeny and then became immortalized in Liquid Color. At the time, Liquid was raising the bar for the entire comic artist community almost single handedly using techniques of computer colors that are now considered the norm. With sizzling artwork and luscious colors, it was very clear that the book was going to go far... or was it?

Sadly, Battle Chasers suffered some of the worst comic book lag ever. The book was to be released each month however, it would often be pushed back months at a time, leaving fans upset with the delayed product as well as confused with the storyline (having large, two month gaps inbetween story lines can be very confusing). One book had several months of lag before, sadly and finally, the book was discontinued. Madureira and co had assessed the situation as such: They were no longer able to produce the book at a desired pace (no kidding) and decided it should be set aside until a more regular production schedule could be attained.

It is obvious to see that the book was extremely successful and popular, selling out quickly and then selling out of it's reprints. Also, cover art was done by Madureira to promote and sustain the popularity of the comic, having Battle Chaser characters grace the covers of Wizard Magazine as well as appearing on the cover of Frank Frezzattas Fantasy Illustrated. Even now, it is speculated that there will be a full length live action feature movie to be based on the book. The records of this film have been seen on imdb and are still in the early production stages. It is difficult to find a discontinued comic book series that is drawing attention from Hollywood.

While it isn't impossible that the series will be continued at some point in time, it looks highly improbable that we will be seeing any closure on the characters and stories involved with the series for quite some time. Madureira has expressed some interest in finishing up the series but is currently working on the Ultimates as well as with his Video Game company (for which he ended up leaving Battle Chasers for)


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