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Brief History

Trails of Tears
Trails of Tears
Caleb was a former slave that had bought himself and his family freedom. During the Civil War, he met Travis Parham, whom was a Confederate Army sergeant. Travis had been left for dead.  That is until he was found by Caleb. Caleb aided him and cleaned his wounds, taking him to his own house and family. There Caleb and his family nurtured Travis to health. Travis then worked with Caleb for two years on his family farm. Once during his work on the farm, Travis entered a cave and found 3 glowing skulls and had a hellish hallucination but Caleb dragged him out just in time and explained that the skulls belonged to his father, grandfather and great-grandfather. It was a sort of ritual for their God of Vengeance in Africa and warned him to never go in the cave again. After the war ended Travis left Caleb and his family to make his own living but when he returned two years later, the family farm was occupied by two evil mercenaries. He had to kill one of them, but interrogated the other by pushing him in the doomed cave only to hear him tell that the night Travis left a gang of seven people burned Caleb's house and they forced Caleb to watch his family being tortured and killed.

It however turned out that Caleb did not die just yet. He went to the burial cave that housed the skulls of his ancestors and gave his soul so that he could avenge his family. Caleb was brought back to full life as the Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengeance and seemed to look a lot like the Phantom Rider. This was however unknown to Travis whom had embarked on his own quest to avenge Caleb. Travis was following the killers of Caleb and his family throughout the land. When he finally found them he blew one of the murderers hands of with a buffalo shotgun. It was however then that Caleb, as the Ghost Rider, joined the fight dismembering many of the killers. The leader of the band of murders however killed himself, witch left the Ghost Rider complaining. Travis, while scared, understood that the being had to do with Caleb's god of vengeance and saw something of his friend inside there. 
At Pike's reach suddenly appeared a red mist from where five riders came out and mowed down everyone. Travis went there and found a head of a man talking and describing the riders and what they had done. The description indicated that Reagan and his men had returned, so he shoots the head to end it's suffering and moves on to unsuccessfully warn a nearby town. Due to rejection he goes in an inn and has sex with a prostitute who wants to flee to California but they're interrupted by the riders. One of them tears Parham's right-hand off and the Ghost Rider steps in the scene revealing he's actually Caleb himself.
The whole town is reduced to ashes including the five riders. Travis confronts and insults Caleb for what he had done. Caleb replies that it was necessary and he wasn't the first and won't be the last to do these things. This event became a legend among the cowboys and Travis is seen listening to it drinking, arguing, old and with one arm.

The Ghost Rider then departed and would not be seen for many decades. Years later, Caleb was called upon by the current Ghost Rider when a evil angel named Zadkiel tried to take over Heaven. Caleb was one of the many spirits of vengeance that was called upon to help stop him.

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