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Cal Mcdonald is the paranormal detective from Dark Horse's Criminal Macabre series, written by Steve Niles. Niles first created Cal in 1990, influenced heavily by Vertigo's John "Hellblazer" Constantine. The character has been used in short stories published by several different companies, but his books are now published by Dark Horse. Cal McDonald frequently uses a .38 Snub-Nose Revolver, .45 M1911 Handgun, 9mm Glock Handgun, Double-Barrel Shotgun, and Pistol Grip Pump-Action Shotgun 1990-2003 Cal was in Washington D.C.  This He faced Edger Crain and Dr. Polynice and various monsters including vampires. 2003-Present Cal flies to Los Angelas, CA Actor Tom Jane now portrays Cal Mcdonald, in stylish covers by Tim Bradstreet. 

His Life

Cal was supposed to become a police officer but was rejected due to his drug problem, so he became a private investigator solving paranormal cases. He gets help from his ghoul assistants Mo'lock along with a whole colony.

The Movie:

Criminal Macabre (The series Cal McDonald is the main character of) was in works to be a movie by 2010.  This date would later be scraped as the movie would fall into limbo.  Creator Steve Niles refuses to release a watered down version of Cal.  Seeing how the Hellblazer fans turned on the movie version of John Constantine, Steve Niles wants his creator owned character to stay true to the books and not be made into a more mainstream friendly movie.
There is not update to when this movie will be released, or even if it is out of limbo. 

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