Cal Durham

    Character » Cal Durham appears in 21 issues.

    Former henchman of Black Manta, now turned hero. He is an ally to Aquaman.

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    Early Days

    Cal Durham was a lieutenant of Aquaman's longtime foe, Black Manta. Cal bought into Manta's activist claims that black people were destined to rule the oceans below. However, Cal soon became fed up with Manta, who he felt was losing sights of his goals and focusing too much on vengeance. He decides to put aside his pledge and start an underwater refuge for his people. Manta discovers this and forcefully shot Durham out to die in a torpedo. Thankfully Cal's gill implants kicked in and he was able to surrvive.

    Durham goes to jail but when he is let out he stays with family in New Venice. When encountering Aquaman he explains the situation to him, but also discovered activity of Black Manta once again active. The two team up and were able to take Manta down.

    One Year Later

    After the events of the crisis, Cal finds himself Mayor of what's left of the undersea nation Sub Diego. He polices the city with help from the newest Aquagirl, Lorena Marquez. He finds an amnesiac Tempest and brings him to the ruins of Poseidonis and encounters Mera, and the newest Aquaman. He has began a relationship with a woman named Keysha. When Black Manta once again threatens the ocean they all team up to defeat him once again. He continues to help protect the seas whenever he can.

    Powers and Abilities

    Like all homo mermanii Cal is able to breathe underwater and is resistant to the extreme pressures. Due to Black manta's genee modification surgery his gills are able to separate oxygen from water, enabling him to breath on land. Although his lungs are not able to process undiffused oxygen.

    Enhanced Constitution

    Cal has metahuman constitution due to the process that allows him to breathe underwater. He was able to survive poison that would kill any normal human (as noted by Clownfish, a former medical scientist).

    Underwater Adaptation

    Cal is able to breathe, see and function normally underwater. He can also talk underwater.

    Trained Mercenary

    Cal is a former member of Black Manta's mercenary force and is highly trained in weapons, tactics, combat and underwater operations. After being left for dead, Cal was able to subdue multiple other henchmen and helped Aquaman foil Black Manta's plans.


    Cal is a charismatic leader that is not however afraid to take action in his own hands. After leaving Black Manta's crew he became the leader and mayor for the survivors of Sub-Diego and later successfully reclaimed his city from hostile occupation, with the help of Arthur Joseph Curry and Lorena Marquez.

    Weaponry & Equipment


    Cal carries with him different kinds of grenades which he uses in battle.


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