Anyone Know What Issue This Person Is Talking About?

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Does any one know what issue DaveW is tal;king about here.


Delmo - The Thunderbook was a one-shot, released in 2000, featuring three stories by different writer/artist teams about different Wildstorm characters. Hughes' story "Wham!" was his last published take on Fairchild, thus far. <br /><br />Zimbra1 - You're right, Hughes is absolutely the best artist to ever take on Fairchild. He has a genuine love for the character, which I share. Remember, Fairchild was a petite, nerdish girl (5'3'', I think) who got a massive growth spurt when her powers manifested. Other writers/artists allowed her to become comfortable with her new body, flaunting it and so forth. Hughes always wrote and drew Fairchild as if she was aware of that, and uncomfortable with all the new attention she got from men.<br /><br />Hughes wrote, but didn't illustrate, the "Superman/Gen 13" crossover that's available in TPB. He handed it off to Lee Bermejo, who in my opinion is the second-best Fairchild artist. I can't find a great pic of his art, but here was one cover.<br />[img][/img]<br /><br />You can't see it there, but Bermejo drew Fairchild with really solid muscles. The third best artist for Fairchild is arguably Art Adams. He tackled her in the "Gen 13/Monkeyman and O'Brien" crossover, which is still the greatest concentration of superhero femuscle in one place, ever. But he wrote almost no dialogue for Fairchild and obviously lavished more detail on Ann O'Brien, who got more and more muscular until he stopped writing stories with the character.<br /><br />I gotta confess, the crappy treatment of the Fairchild character is a sore spot for me. Gen 13 was a smash hit when the miniseries came out, and the original series started off strong, but they lost momentum thanks to issue delays and the boondoggle animated movie (which is really not good, I've seen it). It jumped the shark after Brandon Choi stopped writing it and the reins were handed to John Arcudi and artist Gary Frank. Arcudi wrote a bunch of long, uninteresting arcs, and Frank played down the sexiness that made the series popular. They were replaced around issue 42, and then around issue 56 Adam Warren come on as writer and artist and made probably the best issues of the entire series. When the plug got pulled, Warren killed Fairchild and the rest of the team off. However, Chris Claremont resurrected her (and not the rest of the team) for his ill-fated new Gen 13 series. I believe Fairchild is still alive in Wildstorm continuity, but it's a lame fate for a character that was once in the top 5 or 10 of female comics characters, in terms of popularity.<br /><br />Obviously, I could talk about this all night ...[/quote]

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