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    Character » Caitlin Bree appears in 4 issues.

    Caitlin Bree was played by Lisa Spoonhauer in the first Clerks movie and has been in the Clerks comics in Character and reference ever-since.

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    History of the Character

    Caitlin Bree is a character that first appeared in the Movies and cartoons Clerks.  It was only after her fist appearance in the movies that she shows up in comic books.  It is for this reason that her page is listed differently than other character pages with the characters movie history listed before the comic history. 


    Clerks Cast
    Clerks Cast
    Clerks (The Film)
    In the Clerks film Dante Hicks is still in love with Caitlin but he is dating Veronica.  He decided that he wants to break up with Veronica and start a "more meaningful relationship with Caitlin".  The only hang up is Caitlin's promiscuity.   She has been having affairs when she dated Dante and she is seeing an Asian Design Major who she is suppose to be engaged too.
    On the night before Dante's and Caitlin's big date Caitlin ends up having sex with a dead guy in the Quickstop bathroom.  She does this mistakenly thinking the dead man was Dante and because the lights were broken she never knew who it was until after.  This incident made Caitlin catatonic.
    Clerks (The Cartoon Series)
    Caitlin did not have a line in the Clerks cartoon show but she did appear in various flashbacks kissing men especially painters as a running gag.

    Comic Books

    In the comics it is established that Caitlin was Alyssa Jones friend and she stayed in her catatonic state for years until Dante assulted her with a candy cane.

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