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    The sire of all vampires, awakened with the death of Andrew Bennett.

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    In vampire mythology, after Cain murdered his brother Abel, he was cursed by God, as punishment for his crime. The myths are varied from there, but some say the curse placed upon him is what turned him to vampirism, while others vampires were the spawn of Cain and Lilith, Adam's first wife. While his exact mythology in the DC Universe is yet to be known, he still remains the original vampire.


    This version of Cain was created by I, Vampire writer Joshua Hale Fialkov.

    Major Story Arcs

    Rise of the Vampires

    Cain is the vampire that started all the vampires. He walks across Saxony and all of Albion (England) creating an army of vampires. Al- Jabar has located Horsewoman, Exoristos and Sir Ystin are recruited to bring the Demon Knights together to stop Cain from bathing the Earth with an unstoppable vampire army.

    After elder vampire Andrew Bennett is slain, instead of his death leading to that of Mary, Queen of Blood's and her horde, the earth cracks, as Cain awakens, emerging into the world once again. This disturbance is so powerful that even Madame Xanadu is able to feel it from countless miles away. Cain is human like Mary. When Andrew Bennett took all the power Cain and Mary were transformed back to human form.


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