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    Daughter of the goddess Namma, a forgotten primordial sea goddess, Callie is an ally of Aquaman.

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    A demigod of Seas, Callie is a friend and ally of Aquaman. Callie saves Arthur from seas when he come to the Island of Unspoken Water and loses his memories. This Island have a incredible hungry, and several problems. The locals calls for help and needs that Aquaman and Callie makes a journey across the sea to defeat Namma. This locals are the Sea Gods of the World, that are punishement in this island because his faults. When Aquaman and Callie comes to Namma Island, discovered that Namma are Callie's mother and needs Callie's powers to return and makes her vengeance. Boths fights with Namma, and the Sea Gods of the World comes to help them to defeat Namma forever. Later, Callie and the Sea Gods, helps Aquaman to restore his memories and meet the Mother Shark, who restore Arthur live. Callie and the Sea Gods accompany Aquaman back to the Amnesty Bay and decided to live there in a new lighthouse in front of the Curry's lighthouse. Later, Callie assisted Aquaman in his fight versus Black Manta in the events of Year of the Villain arc, and become in a protector of Arthur daughter, the princess Andy.


    Created by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Robson Rocha, Callie is an adaptation of differents religious texts, myths and folk lore, knows like Cailleach. This version establishes that Callie is the incarnated form of the 7th beast child called the Cailleach, a creature born from the physical being of the primordial deity Mother Salt. The final child was too weak for it's creator to reabsorb it so the old goddess who took the nom de guerre of Namma when she presented her to a tribe of forgotten sea gods whom made their home within the Island of Unspoken Water with the lost Sea Gods of the World. Her mother is Namma and his father is the Father Sea.


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