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Cahdok was created by the Great Beings along with Gahdok to be the rulers of the Bohrok Swarms. Their mission was to clean the island of Mata Nui whenever the Great Spirit Mata Nui was to awaken.
After Teridax's first defeat by the Toa Mata, he was extremely weakened. In an attempt to buy time while he recuperated, Teridax awoke Cahdok and Gahdok because he knew that they would unleash the Bohrok Swarms. Unaware that it was not the right time, Cahdok awoke the Bohrok to clean the island of Mata Nui, starting the whole Bohrok Swarms saga. After the Toa Mata had gathered one of each Krana from every Bohrok, they were able to gain access to the lair of the Bahrag. When the Toa Mata entered the Bohrok Nest, Cahdok and Gahdok fought against them. In the end, the Toa Mata combined their powers to seal the Bahrag inside a cage, which severed the Bahrag's connection to the Krana and deactivated them. This action also caused the Toa Mata to fall into tubes of Energized Protodermis and be transformed into the Toa Nuva.
The defeat of the Bahrag also caused the awakening of the Bohrok-Kal, six special Bohrok created by the Bahrag in case they were defeated. The Bohrok-Kal eventually found where Cahdok and Gahdok were being held and defeated the Exo-Toa who guarded them. Before the Bohrok-Kal could free the Bahrag using the Toa Nuva's Toa Symbols, which were the keys to the Bahrag's prison, the Toa Nuva defeated the Bohrok-Kal before the Bahrag were freed.

Other Powers

In addition to the abilities listed in the Powers & Battle Rankings chart to the right, Cahdok is also symbiotic, which means that she draws power from her sister, Gahdok. When together, the powers of the Bahrag become stronger and a powerful barrier forms around them. Since both Bahrag have the powers of the Bohrok Swarms, that means that Cahdok has the Lehvak's power of acid.

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