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    Caesar has had a few versions each different and unique. The original was son of Cornilius and Zira. The newest version has him as the son of Bright Eyes and Alpha

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    Original Films

    Caesar is the son of two intelligent Chimpanzees named Cornelius and Zira from Earth's future. His parents we murdered shortly after he was born due to fear that their presence would bring about the rise of the Planet of the Apes and the eventually destruction of Earth. The Government originally thought that they had killed the infant Caesar along with his parents but the baby was a decoy, Caesar himself was safe at a travelling circus owned by Señor Armando. For the next two decades Caesar was safe from the Government agents in the circus and he also became one of the top performers mainly in acrobatics.

    By 1991 a virus had driven cats and dogs into extinction so apes took the place as human pets. They eventually became slaves under a facist human Government. Caesar first saw the mistreating of his fellow ape when Armando took him to the city to help promote the circus. His ability to speak and stand upright was hidden away from most people, only Armando knew about Casear's intellect. But while watching a Gorilla named Aldo get mistreated by police he spoke for the first time in public. Armando tried to convince everyone that he had spoken instead but he was taken away by the police and Caesar sneaked away and hid as a fellow slave. He kept his intellect and ability to speak secret . During his time as a slave Caesar sees the true horror that his ape brothers and sisters are put through byu their human masters. Shortly afterwards Caesar learns that Armando has been killed in custody, at this point he loses all faith in the goodness of humanity. He is also sold as a slave to Governor Beck the leader of the Government and the man responsible for Armando's death. Beck's assisstant Mr. Mcdonald sympathises Caesar. As Beck's slave Caesar sees what power the people on the top have and how his people are downtrodden. In secret Caesar planting the seeds of revolution, he starts steals items essential to his cause and to train his fellow apes. With his leadership the apes start to rebel against their human masters. At first they cause small level of mischief but at its climax the apes fought against riot police and won. Govenor Beck is captured by the apes and broguth forward to Caesar. In the original ending of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes after giving his victory speech the apes kill Govenor Beck and the human race looks almost doomed. But in the revised ending Governor Beck is spared after a chimp named Lisa says no to the killing. Along with mr. Mcdonalds' words Caesar reconsiders the possiblities of humans and apes living in peace and looks towards a brighter future.

    Some years later Caesar has established a colony where humans and apes live side by side. The humans are treated as second class citizens and the apes are superior. Caesar has also married Lisa and have a son named Cornelius. Casear is a fair and just rular although he is questioned by the Gorilla Aldo. Mr Mcdonald reveals to Caesar that there are tapes of his parents hidden in anearby city that has been distroyed by an atomic bomb. After learning this Caesar quickly travels to the city along with mr Mcdonald and an Orangutan named Virgil. During their search for the tapes the group discover a society of humans who survived the atomic bomb but mutated. These mutants don't take kindly to their presence and seek to destroy them. Eventually they find the tapes that they are looking for and Caesar discovers why his parents were killed. While Caesar is away his son hides in a tree and hears Aldo and the gorillas planning to overthrow him. The gorillas soon discovers Cornelius and they chop down the branch he was standing on mortally wounding the young chimp. By the time Caesar returns Cornelius is close to death and after saying a few last words his only son dies in front of him. He does not have time to mourn though as the mutants have established an army and have followed him back to the colony. After a lengthy battle with casulities on both sides the apes are able to repel the mutants. After the battle Mr Mcdonald reveals that the tree branch had been cut and that Aldo was the one responsible. The apes resented Aldo for breaking their most sacred law 'Ape Shall Never Kill Ape'. A battle of power takes place between Caesar and Aldo, only Caesar emerges victorious. However he sees how the humans have been treated during the battle and he and the other apes treat them as equals. In centuries to come apes and humans alike see Caesar as a great and important leader.

    Rise of the Planet of the Apes

    In this reboot his parents are Bright Eyes and Alpha who were wild chimps captured, Alpha unfortunately died, and his mom Bright Eyes was sent to Gen-Sys to be experimented on. Dr. Rodman soon experiments on her with ALZ-112 and she gains extraordinary intellect as well as having her cells regrown.

    Bright Eyes goes on a rampage when Rodman wanted to show her off and she dies along with the project due to people's thinking that the agression was a sideeffect of the drug.

    It is soon revealed that it wasn't a side effect but rather she was protecting her baby. And Caesar(the baby) is brought home with Rodman in order to save his life from the execution the other apes in the project had.

    Will Rodman's dad upon seeing him names him Caesar after rambling on about the great Julius Caesar.

    Caesar shared his mother’s genius(as indicated by the green eyes which is a side effect of the drug) and Will brought his work home. Caesar soon learned sign language and grew in intelligence extremely fast, so fast in fact he played chess better than Rodman.

    When still a baby he wanted to play on a bike but was attacked by the neighbor and there they met the vet, Caroline Aranha who soon became Will’s girlfriend.

    Caesar also witnessed Will give ALZ-112 to his dad but eventually the dementia returned and when the neighbor attacked him, Caesar came to the rescue and bit off the neighbor’s finger.

    Caesar was then taken to San Bruno Primate Shelter run by John Landon. Where he was placed in the cage and he witnessed the evil side of humanity and saw that man wasn’t his best friend as shown through the torture given to the apes there.

    .The apes there proved to be of the sort he couldn’t relate to…the main one being Rocket the dominant Male and subsequent boss of the apes. He also befriend Maurice a nice Oranguatn.

    When Caesar gave up hope of being rescued he soon began to plot the apes’ escape and took the knife of someone who got to close to his cage. He then freed the ape named Buck and allowed him to touch grass for the first time in yrs.

    With a friendship established a few days later he allowed Rocket to get out and with Buck’s help established, Caesar established himself as the dominant male and the leader. He then gained a friend.

    He then gained the respect of all his fellow apes, escaped got the new version of the drug that gave him his intelligence(one ALZ-113) and returned to the facility with it, unleashed it on the apes and got more intelligence also giving this to his fellow apes granting them great intelligence as well.

    Caesar one day did not go back in his cage was attacked by Dodge, and when asked why he wouldn’t go back into his cage he cried out “NO!” showing his ability to speak which stunned everyone. He then knocks out Dodge and frees his fellow apes. When Dodge awakens, Dodge picks up his electric cattle prod and is hosed by Caesar instantly killing him.

    Caesar then saves the other night watchman, Rodney from the angry apes and locks him in the cage, paying him for his kindness to them.

    The apes then escape the facility and go to Gen-Sys lab free the apes there who were being experimented on and then goes to San Fransicio Zoo and free the apes there.

    The apes then battle the police and military at the Golden Gate Bridge.

    When Caesar is about to be killed by the police in the helicopter, Buck takes the attacks and defeats the ones in and the only one to survive it is Jacobs. When Buck dies, Caesar allows Koba(the first Ape to ever receive ALZ-113 from Gen-Sys…or period, a ape who hated everyone from there) to kill Jacobs.

    Caesar then takes the apes to Redwood Forest, Will followed them and Caesar prevents Koba from killing him. When Will offers to protect him, Caesar says “Caesar is home“.

    Caesar then looks upon the mass of apes and they look at The city. ALZ-113 then is seen spreading the disease around the world.


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