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    Mark Cadmon was a 30-year-old physician from 1919 Chicago who became a Young God.

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    Mark Cadmon was born in Chicago in the United States in the early 20th century. Street smart and book smart, he would go on to become a physician. Cadmon would be selected for his expertise in providing and giving healthcare, contacted by the Olympian god Hermes on behalf of the female goddesses of various Earth pantheons including Gaea. He would be be put in a peaceful slumber watched over by the goddesses. When the Fourth Host of the Celestials visited the planet Odin and several other godheads attempted to use force to stop the Celestials judgment of the planet. They would ultimately fail. Gaea however would intercede and offer the mysterious Celestials the Young Gods, examples of humanity's potential for greatness, examples of why the Celestials should favor the planet and its inhabitants. Arishem the Judge would find favor in Earth and the Celestials would depart taking the Young Gods with them, enhancing them further. Cadmon would adopt a new name Caduceus. Caduceus would be mentored by Katos, a servant of the Celestials, in a subgroup of the Young Gods that would also include Moonstalker, Calculus, Genii, Harvest, and Varua.


    Caduceus is a Marvel comic book character created by Mark Gruenwald, Ralph Macchio, Keith Pollard, Gerry Conway, and John Buscema. The character first appears in Thor #300 released in 1980. The character is expanded upon greatly in Spectacular Spider-Man #8 released in 1998. Mark Cadmon superhero identify and power set is almost certainly inspired and derived by the use of the Caduceus symbol, used and cited frequently particularly in the United States of America as a symbol of medicine, healthcare and healing. However this is an error as the Caduceus symbol traditionally had no association with healing or medicine. The Caduceus symbol a symbol of two serpents intertwined around a staff surmounted by two angel wings, can often by confused with the Rod of Asclepius symbol which is a staff intertwined by a single solitary serpent. Asclepius was the Greek god of medicine and healing. His symbol has continued the association, in modern times by also being associated with modern medicine and healthcare. The Caduceus symbol is associated the Greek god Hermes however, which is especially appropriate as relevant to the Marvel character Caduceus as he was collected by the Marvel comic books adaptation of Hermes.

    Character Evolution

    Caduceus would be introduced into Marvel comic books as a part of a new team known as the Young Gods. The group would involved in a story surrounding the Asgardians, Celestials, Earth and many other pantheons of Earth. Each member of the Young Gods would come from a different part of the planet from various eras and represent some human ideal or skill of which they represented greatness. The majority of the Young Gods including Caduceus would be introduced in the landmark Thor #300 issue. The dozen members of the group were Bright Sword from Israel, Caduceus from Chicago, Calculus from India, Daydreamer from Canada, Genii, Harvest from Japan, Highnote from Colombia, Mindsinger from Russia, Moonstalker from Alaska, Sea Witch from Ireland, Splice from Africa, and Varua from Ruk Island.

    Major Story Arcs

    Return to Earth

    The Young Gods once on board the Celestials mothership would be divided into two groups. Caduceus would be in the group which included Moonstalker, Calculus, Genii, Harvet and Varua taught by Katos. Bright Sword, Daydreamer, Highnote, Mindsinger, Sea Witch, Splice, would be taught by Juniper. Katos would impart skills, knowledge and teachings based around on defense, Juniper would differ as far as teaching and advocating offensive tactics and lessons. This difference in approach and philosophy would come to bring conflict when Daydreamer would identify the High Evolutionary spying on the group. Juniper's group would pursue High Evolutionary heading to Earth wishing to stop his plans for humanity, and they would get into a confrontation with a being known as Quint and the Gatherers, and also be aided by Spider-man. Caduceus and his group would arrive soon after his peers and the two groups of Young Gods would clash over their differing approaches. Daydreamer attempting to neutralize Calculus would overload his brain and put him in a worrying state. Her psychic powers had worked too well and Daydreamer and her group stood down, with Caduceus applying his healing powers to fix Caculus mental state.

    Characteristics and Appearance

    Eyes: Green

    Hair: Auburn

    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 165 lbs

    Identity: Secret Identity

    Occupation: Celestial pupil, Former Physician

    Citizenship: United States American

    Marital Status: Single

    Base Of Operations: Earth-616, The Celestials' mother-ship, formerly Chicago(20th Century)

    Relatives: None

    Powers and Abilities

    As per his name would imply, Caduceus possesses powers of healing, being able to physically heal any with injuries and also mentally heal any with mental injuries. Caduceus can also empower or weaken to a limited degree with his powers. This power can also be used to drive out evil spirits. He can also sap strength from others, knocking them unconscious. Caduceus is a skilled and experienced physician.

    Through the genetic engineered gifts granted to Caduceus he has mutated human physical attributes to his physiology. He is imbued with a high degree of strength, speed, endurance, physical resistance, agility, and reflexes possessed are considered superhuman. He can exert himself at maximum effort for far longer than most humans can endure.


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