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    Cade is the son of Kol Skywalker and Morrigan Corde. He, like many of his family, is a Jedi. He grew disillusioned after the death of his father and has been a bounty hunter and a pirate.

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    Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Cade Skywalker and Zayne Carrick
    Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Cade Skywalker and Zayne Carrick

    Cade's first chronological appearance was sometime around 3,000 BBY when Jedi Master Q'Anilia had a vision about him and his ancestors Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, and Zayne Carrick, in the vision also appeared thousands of ghouls and a burning city was seen in the background.


    Cade Skywalker was the son of Kol Skywalker, a powerful member of the Jedi High Council , and Morrigan Corde, an Imperial intelligence agent who later changed her name to Nyna Calixte. However, just after Cade's birth, his mother left as she didn't want a familial relationship to get in the way of her career. From an early age, Cade was trained as a Jedi by various teachers, including the Whiphid K'Kruhk. Eventually Cade was apprenticed to his father's former apprentice, Wolf Sazen.

    He spent at least some of his childhood at the New Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where he explored the secrets of its foundations and the outer city with the young Shado Vao. Cade believed that his father was unaware of this, despite the fact that he and Shado fell asleep at the midday meal.

    On Ossus, Cade became close to another Padawan, Azlyn Rae. One time, Cade kissed her on the cheek.

    While still a Padawan, Cade Skywalker and fellow Padawan Shado Vao traveled to the planet Wayland with Masters Kol Skywalker and Wolf Sazen to see the results of the Ossus Project. A couple of days later, Wayland turned into a mutated planet with the natives and environment transforming into savage creatures. Cade, Shado, Kol and Wolf barely escaped with their lives.

    Attack on the Temple

    As a fourteen year-old Padawan in 130 ABY, Cade was involved in the battle to defend the Jedi Praxeum on Ossus from the Sith. His master, Wolf Sazen, ordered Cade and Shado Vao to evacuate the planet in a Jedi Shuttle full of younglings. However, Cade desperately wanted to stay and fight with his father, Kol. He argued the point, but eventually obeyed his father and went to the shuttle.

    Just after boarding the shuttle, Cade sensed that his master had been struck down, and that his father was now fighting the Sith alone. Much to Shado's dismay, Cade left the shuttle to fight by his father's side.

    Father and Son
    Father and Son

    As soon as Cade joined Kol however, he was ordered to take Wolf back to the shuttle. Cade was devastated, but did as he was told. Aboard the shuttle which was now leaving Ossus, Wolf died in the arms of Cade. Cade could not accept that however, and focused his anger to the point where he used a power to successfully revive his master.

    At that point, Cade felt the death of his father. Overwhelmed with anger, Cade promised revenge on Darth Nihl, the Sith that had murdered Kol. Cade left the shuttle one final time in a X-83 TwinTail starfighter, to kill the Sith. He cleared a path for the shuttle, in an effort to allow its escape into hyperspace. Cade's fighter was shot down by a Predator-class fighter, though he managed to survive by sealing his flight suit and jettisoning just as his ship exploded. Withdrawing from the Force so the Sith wouldn't sense him, he fell into deep meditation in order to conserve oxygen. He awoke three days later floating over Ossus, where he was picked up by Rav and his crew.

    When Cade revived his master with an unknown Force power, Darth Krayt sensed a dark murmur in the Force, and recognized that it came from a Jedi, not a Sith. Krayt vowed to find this Jedi and lure him completely to the dark side, calling him a "dark light in the Force". Three days after the massacre, the pirate Rav found Cade floating in the debris around the planet. It was his future crewman Jariah Syn who convinced Rav to rescue Cade. Soon after, he apprenticed himself to Rav and joined his crew.

    Found Out

    Some years passed after the Massacre at Ossus, and Cade had freed himself from Rav's debt. Cade had become captain of a light freighter called Mynock whose crew included Deliah Blue, the ship's mechanic, and co-pilot Jariah Syn. He hid both his last name and his Jedi ability from everyone who knew him, especially his crew mates. One of Cade and his crew's favorite haunts during this time was Rik's Cantina on Coruscant, a notorious meeting place for various underworld denizens.

    Around 137 ABY the crew of Mynock was contracted by Rav to locate bond-skipper Naxy Screeger on the planet Lok. After locating him, the group also came across a Jedi Healer named Hosk Trey'lis. Cade prevented Syn from killing the Jedi, seemingly because Jedi were worth more alive than dead. The group left Lok with both Screeger and Trey'lis in tow. After turning in their bounties on Socorro, Rav paid them in death sticks, which, though pleasing Cade, enraged the rest of the crew.

    Around this time Cade was being haunted by the Force Ghost of his ancestor Luke Skywalker, as well as others, who were pleading for Cade to return to his Jedi legacy. However, Cade was growing increasingly agitated with these visitations, using death sticks to block them out, and even going so far as threatening to end his own life.

    Call of Legacy
    Call of Legacy

    As the Mynock's crew prepared for liftoff from Socorro, they were approached by Princess Marasiah Fel and her companion Astraal Vao. The Princess was demanding passage to Vendaxa, and the two were being pursued by the Sith Darth Talon. She tried using a mind trick on him but Cade, being a Jedi, was resistant to it until he saw the Sith. He initiated emergency take-off procedures, and headed towards Vendaxa, intent on delivering the Princess to her father, so that he could get paid, and then sell the both of them to the Empire, earning enough credits to be out of Rav's debt.

    Astraal Vao, having pre-arranged a rendezvous with her brother Shado if ever they were in trouble, guided the crew of Mynock and Princess Fel to the crash site where Shado and Astraal's parents died. There, they came under attack from an acklay, and only the timely arrival of Shado and Wolf Sazen saved Astraal from being impaled upon the acklay's fore-claw. With the immediate danger over, Princess Marasiah set about arranging safe passage with the two Jedi, revealing that she knew of Mynock crew's intention to turn her in for the bounty on her head.

    Not wanting to be recognized by his former Master, Cade stayed in the shadows and did not argue with the Princess. However, Jariah called him on his wanting to cut his losses, using his name as he did so which attracted the attention of the two Jedi. Turning to face the Jedi, Cade calmly stared down his former Master and admitted his name was Cade. If Wolf recognized his former pupil after their years apart, he gave no sign; instead choosing to turn to direct Princess Fel to where he and Shado had secreted their own ship. A sudden explosion signaled that ship's destruction, however and was quickly followed by an attack by Darth Talon, who used the dark side to provoke a number of native fauna into attacking alongside her.

    Talon singled out Wolf Sazen and brought him down with Force lightning, intending to kill him, but Marasiah intervened, hoping for revenge for the death of her Master, Elke Vetter. Sia was no match for the Sith, however and Talon swatted her away with the Force. Wrapped in Force lightning, Wolf was still able to ask Cade to take the Princess to safety, but the captain of Mynock only stood by numbly, his mind flashing back through the years to a similar situation on Ossus.

    Snapping back to the present with an expletive, Cade unloaded both barrels of his Rawk chopped special at the Sith, and after a moment both Blue and Syn joined him, with Syn declaring they'd all gone insane. Blue then told him that it was a "good" insane. Darth Talon however, easily deflected their blasts and disarmed them with a wave of her hand then advanced upon them, her lightsaber at the ready.

    With an angry cry, Cade used the Force to lift some nearby wreckage and hurled it and Talon into the nearby forest. Retrieving his blaster, Cade calmly directed the stunned onlookers to head for Mynock. However, they were soon to discover that Talon had sabotaged Mynock, forcing them to remain on Vendaxa until repairs could be made. Meanwhile, Darth Talon remained hidden in the shadows nearby.

    After the battle, Cade had a conversation with his former master, telling him that he wasted years looking for a man that didn't exist. That was followed by an argument with his friends, with Syn pulling a blaster on him. Marasiah Fel approached him, saying she knew he was a Skywalker. She then went on saying how she could disappear from her destiny. But she also told him that she would not run away from her responsibilities.

    Imperial Knights arrived, but they were shot down by the Sith. They survived the crash, and the battle with the Sith had begun. Cade rushed to battle with his blaster telling Syn and Blue to lift off. When Cade entered the battlefield, he was flooded with the memories of the Massacre at Ossus. He was so dazed that he did not see a Sith approaching from behind. It was Princess Marasiah that saw the Sith and charged at him, cutting down the Sith and saving Cade's life, but not without injury. When Cade, holding her injured form in his arms, asked her why she did it, she said that she had to make it even. She then fell silent. Cade called her lightsaber to him using the Force. Ignoring his oath never to pick up a lightsaber again.

    Cade then attacked Darth Nihl. During the fight, Cade told Nihl he saw him kill his father at Ossus. Nihl said he killed many Jedi that day, and that his father might have been one. Cade shouted that his father was Kol Skywalker, and began to use his rage against Nihl, despite warnings from Master Sazen. Jariah Syn entered the fight and hit the Sith with a blaster bolt, but promptly got Force pushed away. Afterward, Cade kicked Nihl off a cliff, and got everyone on board the Mynock.

    While aboard the Mynock, Cade heard that Marasiah was dying. When Cade said he could help her, Antares Draco attacked him, blaming him for the condition Marasiah was in. Draco eventually stood down and let Cade help Marasiah. Cade healed her with the lightning technique he used to heal Wolf Sazen years earlier.

    Further Training

    After the group arrived on Bastion, Cade slipped away and left Deliah Blue and Jariah Syn on their own, stating to Wolf Sazen that he could not trust Syn anymore. Cade then offered a ride to Sazen and Shado Vao, but told them to not get any ideas regarding him rejoining the Jedi Order. He later found out that Fel placed five homing beacons on the Mynock, who was wary of Krayt finding him. He expected Skywalker to find one or two, but Cade disabled all of them.

    Later, Cade, Wolf, and Shado traveled to the Wheel. Unknowingly, Cade was being pursued by numerous agents of Krayt's faction of the Galactic Empire, including his mother, Morrigan Corde, a deep cover Imperial agent who had been reactivated by Nyna Calixte. The two Imperial agents suspected he was either going to Hapes, which was neutral during the Sith-Imperial War, or Ossus. But Morrigan decided to quit hunting her son, so when they landed on Ossus, she killed the Imperial agent accompanying her, Jor Tolin.

    Cade proceeded to Ossus, where, after ingesting several death sticks, he had visions of Mara Jade and Anakin Skywalker, who then morphed into Darth Vader and warned him of the

    Cade seeing a vision of Mara Jade
    Cade seeing a vision of Mara Jade

    perils of falling to the dark side. He was then found by the Whiphid Jedi Master K'Kruhk, a one-time teacher of Cade, who healed his mental trauma. Sazen and Vao then arrived as well.

    Cade then asked Sazen to complete his training. Sazen accepted, and Cade began his training again under the tutelage of both Sazen and K'Kruhk. During a lightsaber practice session with Vao, they both fell into a repository of priceless Jedi artifacts, whereupon they were attacked by two Yuuzhan Vong, Liaan Lah and Choka Skell.

    Master Shaper Nei Rin ordered her two Vong bodyguards to cease their attack on the two Jedi. Rin, once a friend of Kol and the leader of the terraforming project on Ossus, revealed herself as the keeper of the Jedi artifacts left on Ossus after the massacre, and claimed that Cade should become their keeper.

    Cade refused, and after being confronted by Master Sazen about his fears, was once more visited by his ancestor, Luke Skywalker, who told him to fix his mistake of turning in fellow Jedi Hosk Trey'lis by rescuing him on Coruscant. As Cade prepared to leave for Coruscant, Rin gave him his father's lightsaber, and K'Kruhk gave him R2-D2 to serve aboard his ship.

    Tip of Redemption

    Cade's approach to Coruscant was detected by Imperial forces and by Darth Krayt himself, but Cade was able to elude Skull Squadron and hide in the depths of the Coruscant Underworld. Leaving R2-D2 in charge of the Mynock, Cade walked towards Rik's Cantina, blasting a would-be mugger and scaring off his confederates in the process.

    At the cantina, Cade encountered Chak and Kee, two old friends. But he had no clue where Syn and Blue had taken Chak's ship, the Grinning Liar. His impertinence offended the Wookiee, but amused Queen Jool, the Hutt owner of the establishment. He left the access codes to his ship with her in case he did not return, instructing her to turn them over to his former crew mates if they showed up.

    Cade entered the Temple of the Sith using secret routes he discovered when he lived there, and reaching with his Force senses, found Hosk manacled to a wall inside the structure. When he released the healer, the Bothan attempted to warn him that he had given in and betrayed his would-be rescuer, but Cade would have none of it, retorting "no one dies for me."

    As they made their way out, they were ambushed by Darth Talon, who waited for them by a long causeway. She subdued Hosk with a Force push, but enraged Cade by telling him he and his quarry were both wanted alive. Cade's eyes shifted, signifying his enthrallment by the dark side, and he overpowered the Twi'lek. His victory faded fast, as Darth Nihl, suddenly appeared and choked him into submission. Nihl went on to inform Krayt of his victory. Meanwhile on Ossus, Wolf, meditating on the Force, received a vision: Cade turned toward him, his face half in shadow with the dark side gleaming in his eyes.

    Brush with the Dark Side

    Darth Maladi torturing Cade
    Darth Maladi torturing Cade

    Following his capture, Cade was tortured by Darth Maladi using a lethal dose of ixetal cilona, though the poison had no effect due to Cade's past usage of death sticks and powerful Force abilities boosting his immunity to it. Darth Krayt acknowledged that this Skywalker had more power than he had ever seen in any Jedi. Krayt wanted Cade to join him, but Cade refused the offer from his father's true murderer.

    Krayt had imprisoned Syn and Blue, and while they were in the Sith's hands, Maladi implanted Yuuzhan Vong Yorik-Kul coral seeds into them that mutated their bodies using the dark side. Cade had no option but to help both of his friends by using his anger to cure them at a great cost.

    Krayt invited Cade with Talon and his most loyal Sith adviser, Darth Wyyrlok, to his chambers. There, Krayt surprised Cade by showing him Kol Skywalker's lightsaber encased in transparisteel, giving Cade's father a place of honor. Cade was further surprised when Krayt revealed his knowledge about the Jedi and his true identity of A'Sharad Hett.

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    Krayt then recited the story of his duel on Tatooine against Obi-Wan Kenobi, near the Lars homestead, and how he was cast out of both Tusken and Jedi society. After finishing his story, Krayt found Cade to be barely moved. Talon then attacked Cade after he mocked Krayt, and she was nearly killed when he used his powers to re-open her recently healed wounds.

    Krayt, however, prevented this and asked of Cade that he allow the Dark Lord to focus his anger into strength through the Sith teachings. Cade agreed, and was then ordered to heal Darth Talon, as she would become his Sith Master. During his Sith training, Cade developed an intimate relationship as well as a deep bond with his master that was created when he healed her. They presumably slept together, however after Talon left the bed, she told Krayt that he was just pretending to be like them. Still, Krayt was sure that he would fall to their side permanently.

    The next day, to ensure Cade's fall, Krayt placed Cade in the Embrace of Pain while he continued to tell him about his own fall to the dark side. Cade was able to free himself and tried to escape the Temple, but was caught by Talon. He was taken back to Krayt, where he was ordered to kill Hosk Trey'lis or die, but Cade refused to kill the Jedi. Krayt then killed Trey'lis himself, evoking Cade's anger. But Cade then received a vision of his father, telling him "That which can heal, can also break." Using his power, Cade shattered the transparisteel case containing his father's lightsaber and stabbed Talon through the stomach as she tried to attack him and he engaged Nihl in a lightsaber duel. Drawing on his anger, Cade's eyes changed to the sulfuric red they had been once before.

    Cade bested Nihl by severing his arm and throwing him against the wall, finally defeating the Nagai Sith Lord. Krayt ordered Cade to kill his hand in an effort to tip Cade over to the dark side permanently. Cade, however, refused, stating because that was what Krayt wanted him to do, and started fighting Krayt. During their duel, Cade said he saw through the Force just how sick Krayt really was and questioned whether the rest of the Sith would be willing to follow him if they knew his true condition. He taunted Krayt, saying that even if he died, he would die as himself, but if Krayt killed him, then he'd condemn himself to death as a mindless Yuuzhan Vong growth.

    Just as their duel was reaching its climax, Morrigan Corde blasted open the window behind them, shooting Krayt in the back. Cade then jumped out and was rescued by Jariah Syn aboard the Mynock, who pulled him inside. The Mynock then escaped the planet and jumped to hyperspace, but not before Corde revealed herself to Cade over a comlink. Corde revealed herself to be his mother, but when Cade demanded some answers, she replied that he wouldn't be getting any. Unbeknownst to him, Krayt was planning on breaking him, using his power to heal himself and then kill him.

    Past Debts Paid

    Cade, accompanied by Chak, Kee, and Syn later went after Rav in an attempt to recover the Grinning Liar. After a brief fight, Rav handed the ship over and was forced to swear the Bloody Bones oath to the Jedi. But Rav also reported to Maladi. After placing Naxy in the cargo hold, Cade set course for Rawk's Nest, on the planet Iego. He apologized to Blue for what happened with the Sith and she gave him a kiss on the cheek. They assisted "Bantha" Rawk in defending his home against some Black Sun mercenaries.

    While the others enjoyed a pool party, Cade had a talk with Uncle Bantha, who he knew as Nat Skywalker. Cade revealed he ran into his mother. Nat then told him about the history between his parents, and that his mother had abandoned them. When Cade saw the massacre of the Mon Calamari, he also saw an arrest warrant for him saying he is a terrorist who had attacked the Sith Temple as well as a Skywalker. Cade confirmed his last name to his cousins. Bantha yelled at him for not thinking and they punched each other.

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    During the night Cade "acted like he had seen a ghost." He sneaked off to the Mynock,and the spirits of Luke and Kol Skywalker tried to counsel him. Luke told him to use meditation to clear his head but Cade thought of using his Sith abilities. His father warned him of the dark side and that the technique he showed him in the Temple of the Sith was for defense. The ghosts warned him of events that he must be ready for. When their spirits departed, Cade used his death stick to get relief for one night. Shortly thereafter he walked out, stoned, and was attacked by a masked figure who followed him from Socorro. He was saved by the timely intervention of his uncle. But the figure was Azlyn Rae, an old friend of his from before Cade left the Jedi Order. A scouting party of Imperials showed up looking for Cade, having heard from Black Sun. Cade was determined to leave, but Bantha told him to hide. Rae sent the Imperials off with a mind trick. Afterwards, Bantha told him to change his name, looks, ship and friends and to not ever to use the Force again. But Cade determined that there was only one way to end the threat of the Sith: kill Darth Krayt. Again, Bantha berated him for trying to do something stupid. But Cade had a point -- the New Sith Order was having internal conflicts and with Krayt dead, they'd collapse on each other and everyone would leave him alone. But he needed allies; he didn't trust either Roan Fel or Gar Stazi and he believed that there were no Jedi to find until Bantha revealed the existence of the Hidden Temple.

    The Hidden Temple

    Guided by Bantha, Cade along with the Mynock's crew and Azlyn Rae went to the newly revealed Hidden Jedi Temple (Which was founded by Bantha during his Jedi career as a refuge for the Order during a worst case scenario) on the planet of Taivas.

    When the Mynock landed, Cade and his crew discovered that not only were Wolf Sazen and Shado Vao in the temple, but also that they were followed by Imperial Knights Marasiah Fel, Antares Draco, and Ganner Krieg, who were guided there by Azlyn. After a brief confrontation between the Jedi and the Imperial Knights, both parties put away their weapons and began to talk at Wolf's request. Cade immediately realized it was Azlyn who "betrayed" them and after he demanded to know why, he was told by Princess Fel that Azlyn was in fact an Imperial Knight. When the Imperial Knights explained that they were on a mission of peace, Wolf informed them that the Jedi Council would receive them. This new Jedi Council was formed by Jedi Masters K'Kruhk, Tili Qua and T'ra Saa, two of whom had fought in the Clone Wars.

    Standing before the Council
    Standing before the Council

    Cade revealed to the council that Darth Krayt was none other than fellow Clone Wars veteran and former Jedi Knight A'Sharad Hett and how ill he is. He also proposed to the council his plan to assassinate Krayt, arguing that the former Jedi Knight had no heir as Dark Lord of the Sith, and that it was his will alone that kept his followers from turning on each other. However, the council refused saying that assassination was not the Jedi way and as Jedi, they respected all life - even the Sith to which Cade retorted that Krayt had already killed countless innocents trying achieve his "vision". He further argued that maybe it was the will of the Force that Krayt be destroyed and maybe assassination should become the Jedi way before Krayt tracks him down and forces him to use his healing powers.

    The Council ultimately decided not to go through with the assassination plan, for if Krayt wound up dead, someone else might take his place or possible splintered Sith with become more dangerous. They've preferred to let the Sith undermine each other. Despite this, Cade decided to do it with the help of his crew. Draco, Krieg, and Rae joined him under orders from Fel, and Shado also decided to come with them, hoping that Cade would not become Krayt.

    Blast from the Past

    Cade and his allies headed for the Deep Core. While journeying there, Azlyn tried to talk to him, but he wouldn't listen to her. While meditating, Cade received a vision of a Jedi. After this, the Mynock was pulled out of hyperspace and into a Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer: the Iron Sun. Once inside, Cade and his allies split up to explore the ship.

    Cade and his party eventually came across a group of Rakghouls. During a brief skirmish with them, Cade was bitten and Azlyn was scratched. The skirmish ended when a Jedi named Celeste Morne (who was the Jedi Cade had envisioned) regained control of the rakghouls. Celeste saw that Cade and Azlyn had been infected by the Rakghoul Plague and imprisoned them. Celeste explained her past: her meeting with Jedi Padawan Zayne Carrick, the Muur Talisman attaching itself to her, and her confrontations with Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

    When the plague began to transform himself and Azlyn, Cade asked if the plague was a disease or the work of the Force. Celeste said it was an affliction, and Cade realized he could cure it. He used his healing power to rid himself and Azlyn of the plague, impressing both Celeste and the spirit of Karness Muur.

    Celeste agreed to join Cade and his allies in their quest to assassinate Krayt.

    The party journeyed to Had Abbadon, where they attacked the local Imperial base. After taking the base, Celeste allowed one Sith to escape to tell Krayt about the attack. The party then settled in to wait for Krayt.

    During this time, Azlyn tried to kill Celeste and destroy the Muur Talisman since she believed Morne was evil. Cade prevented her from doing so. However, during an argument, Cade and Azlyn both realized that their old feelings for each other had resurfaced. They spent the night together, until the voice of Karness Muur interrupted them.

    Cade went to confront Morne. He told her that if Muur continued to mess with him and his friends, he would shove her and the talisman into a rocket and send it into a black hole.

    Later, Celeste sent Krayt a message while using Muur's voice (whether she was under Muur's influence or faking it is unknown). Celeste showed Krayt that Cade was her prisoner and that Muur had the power to help him. Krayt took the bait, and traveled to Had Abbadon with Darths Maladi, Talon, Stryfe and Wyyrlok. Once there, Cade and his allies sprang the trap. Celeste set her rakghouls on Krayt while Cade dueled with Talon. Talon told him that the bond he created was driving him closer to the dark side. Unfortunately, Muur declared his usefulness over and had the rakghouls turn on his companions

    After once again defeating Talon, Cade dueled Darth Stryfe, and quickly defeated him with some help from Syn's explosives. Soon after this, Muur blasted both Darth Krayt and Azlyn Rae with Force lightning. Celeste then regained control and Force pushed Krayt off a cliff. Cade was enraged that Azlyn had been hurt.

    Celeste told Cade that she had never met anyone like him: no matter how close he walked to the dark side, he wasn't at all tempted by the Muur Talisman. Celeste asked Cade to kill her, and he complied, igniting his lightsaber through her chest. The Talisman attached itself to him, and Muur said he was finally free. But Cade proved to truly be above Muur's influence, and used the Force to obliterate the Talisman, destroying Karness Muur forever.

    Cade rushed to Azlyn and used his healing powers, but she was too heavily wounded for them to completely work. Shado advised Cade to let her go, but he refused, saying he would keep trying until he could find a medical facility. Blue suggested taking Rae to his aunt Droo, and Cade agreed. As they tried to leave, Krieg and Draco tried to come with them. Cade refused to allow them to since they tried to secure the Talisman for Fel, and Shado Force pushed them away when Krieg tried to prevent them from taking Azlyn. Cade then boarded the ship with his friends and set a course for Kiffex.


    During the course to Kiffex, Cade used his healing powers to keep Azlyn alive and at one point, Azlyn regained consciousness, asking Cade to let her go. Cade refused saying that he couldn't lose her again. As they made to the surface of Kiffex, Cade and his friends were caught in the planet's storm, forcing them to call on Nat and Droo for help. Back at Nate and Droo's home, Droo put Azlyn in a healing pod. Cade pleaded his uncle to help Azlyn and Nat promised Cade they would save her. Afterward, Cade collapsed from exhaustion.

    Later at night, Cade dreamed about the night he and Azlyn spent together on Had Abbadon, which then turned into a nightmare of her being wounded. When he woke up, he asked his Uncle Nat and Droo if he can help, but Nat refused to allow him to help since his healing powers were pushing him to the dark side. With nothing else to do, Cade and Jariah decided to go to a local town to relax. He also told Shado, who was returning to the Hidden Temple, to tell the Jedi Council that Darth Krayt was dead.

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    Meanwhile, Droo told Nat that she couldn't heal Azlyn because she was pushing her attempts away. Droo was ready to give up, but Nat refused, saying Cade had seen too many broken promises. He then decided on another plan by creating a life saving suit for Azlyn, something similar worn by Darth Vader. At first, Droo was against it, but Nat persuaded her.

    Meanwhile, Cade and Jariah ended up starting a fight in town. When the Kiffu Guardians showed up, Ahnah among them, showed up, Cade wouldn't stop fighting, even turning his weapon on Ahnah. In the end Jariah was able to calm both Cade and Ahnah: with the help of sedate after Jariah kissed her. Afterward, Cade and Jariah escaped back to Nate and Droo's place.

    When Cade returned, Azlyn confronted him. She had been placed in a life-preserving suit that was constantly pumping bacta through her system. Instead of Azlyn being relieved to live, she was furious that Cade hadn't let her go, and condemned her to live in a suit of armor. Also, Nat and Droo said Cade had lied to them, and Droo said he couldn't come back for a long time. Nat told Cade maybe never. Afterward Cade, Jariah and Deliah left Kiffex in the Mynock.

    Tatooine and a family reunion

    Cade, Jariah, and Deliah decided to raid Black Sun shipments in space near the planet, Tatooine and sell them to a Muun named Muz on the planet's surface . Cade used an alias under his late ancestor: Luke Skywalker. After selling the goods from the Black Sun shipments, the Mynock was unable to take off as it lacked the parts to do so, stranding the trio.

    While Deliah try to figure out a way to repair the Mynock, Cade made his way into a cantina while Jariah went to have some fun. While in the cantina, Cade met Gunn "Gunner" Yage, who is secretly his half-sister, (though neither knew of the relation), captain of the Skull Squadron. Yage was on a mission sent by her mother , Nyna Calixte, to track the smuggler. Yage flirted with Cade, then spiked his drink, causing him to fall unconscious. When Cade gain consciousness, Cade was held captive in stun cuffs, which would shock him if he struggled, as Gunn took him to Moff Nieve Gromia, the Empire's custodian for the Outer Rim. Unknown to Yage and Skywalker, Gromia had sent three Black Sun assassins to hunt down and eliminate both Yage and Skywalker: a Blood Carver named Ku Vrat, and an Anzati married couple named Sint and Nakia Yoru. To escape Gunn, Cade used the Force to choke her, making her lose control of the speeder. After crashing, the two argued as Gunn still held Skywalker at gunpoint. Suddenly, the three assassins attack the pair. Luckily, a sandstorm approached allowing Cade and Gunn to escape. As the sandstorm got worst, the pair was able to find shelter in a abandoned homestead (which was actually the Lars homestead).

    During their time in the homestead, Gunn mentioned she was Rulf Yage's daughter. When Cade heard this, he became enraged, calling her father a butcher for what he had done to the Jedi on Ossus. Yage defended her father by saying the Sith had ordered the attack and that her father was never the same after he had carried out their order. Eventually, the two fell asleep. In his dreams, Cade saw the spirit of Luke Skywalker. Luke showed Cade in visions of his Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen and his old life on Tatootine. While showing Cade these visions, Luke told Cade to stop running away from his destiny and beware of the Dark side. In anger, Cade attacked his ancestor, but calmed down after Luke refused to fight. Luke then showed Cade a vision of himself as a Sith with the corpses of everyone he cared about at his feet. Luke asked Cade if that was what he wanted, because it would happen if he continued on his current path. Cade said he didn't want that, and Luke's spirit left.

    After Luke spirit left, Cade awoke to find Nakia and Sint trying to feed on him and Gunn. Cade kicked Nakia, causing Sint to cry out to his wife. This woke Gunn, who immediately helped Cade fight the assassins. Around this time, Jariah and Morrigan Corde arrived at the shelter and killed the Blood Carver. Sint pulled a lightsaber on Cade, but Cade had skill on his side, cut Sint down. Nakia tried to seduce Cade into submission, but Gunn stunned her. They then carried the Anzati outside to find Syn and Corde. They took the assassins' ship and headed for the Black Sun boss who hired them while Gunn set out after Moff Gromia to arrest her for her part in the attempted assassination.

    Cade talked with Corde during the trip about why did she leave him and his father. Corde admitted that she had left him and Kol because she felt her loyalties lay with the Empire above all else, though she claimed that if she had known the Sith would attack Ossus, she would not have kept silent. She said after Ossus, she thought he had died with his father, and she felt that nothing else mattered in her life. Cade left the room before she said that she always loved him and his father.

    Cade arrived at the Black Sun base and threatened the Black Sun boss into a deal. As they were coming to an agreement, Corde killed the boss, knowing he would never keep his word. Cade lashed out at her with Force lightning giving into his anger. Jariah reminded him about what happened on Kiffex, and Cade calmed down, remembering what Luke told him and that he didn't want to turn out like that. He told Corde to find her own ride off the station, and left. He and Syn returned to Tatooine to find Blue had repaired their ship and they left Tatooine.

    Gunn, elsewhere, heard from Gromia that Corde and Calixte were the same person and that she was Cade's half-sister, something she refused to believe.


    After the trip to Tatooine, Cade and his friends decided to take a vacation to the planet Zeltros where Jool opened up a new Cantina. The vaction was short lived as Rav, Cade former boss, appeared with a job with a reward of a million credits. Cade thought it was too good to be true until Rav told him what the job required. When Rav told him that it was required to travel to Wayland, Cade reluctantly agreed despite knowing that it Wayland was one of the first sites of the Ossus Project that went horribly wrong.

    No Caption Provided

    As Cade and his friends made their way in Wayland, the group became separated as Cade was knocked unconscious and Jariah and Deliah were captured by Yuuzhan Vong. When Cade gain conscious, went searching around for his friends. He then sensed that the Sith were here on Wayland. Cade made his way to a secret lab on Wayland, where he was captured by Darth Maladi and the Yuuzhan Vong who helped her sabotage the Ossus Project. Maladi was developing a new weapon to increase her power in the Sith using Yuuzhan Vong technology, and needed Cade to use his healing powers to see that they were invincible. Cade initially refused, therefore, Maladi had already infected Deliah Blue with her weapon and told Cade to use his dark side healing powers to try to heal her. Cade tried, but was unable to, as healing Blue made her scream out in pain as the weapon sank more into her. As Maladi continued to taunt him using the Dark side, Cade eventually snapped and used his powers to force the Sith mistress to see her worst fears. Terrified, Maladi fled and activated her lab's self-destruct sequence.

    Cade continued to try to use his healing powers on Blue with no avail. Soon, Syn showed up along with Wolf Sazen. While Cade insisted that the dark side was stronger, Sazen told him to tap into the light side to save Blue. Cade told everyone else to leave before the base blew up while he continued to heal Blue. Cade tapped into the light side and confess his love for Blue, which caused Maladi's weapon to die, freeing her. Cade carried Blue out of the destroyed lab, and told Sazen that he had been right.

    But despite this, Cade decided not to return to the Jedi. Saying that the Force had made him what he was, he decided to be neither Jedi nor Sith, but the Sith's worst enemy.

    The Search for Vul Isen

    After Wayland, Cade and his friends along with Wolf Sazen traveled to Daluuj to locate the Vul Isen "Butcher of Dac". After taking down Sith Warriors, he found out that Isen left the planet a long time ago. With that Cade and his friends left not without blowing up the lab. While back on the Mynock, Cade saw Luke's Force ghost telling him to reevaluate his plans for the future. At that moment, Jools transmitted a message telling Cade to meet her on the planet Nal Nutta. There, he met Vedo the hutt who had a job offer along with information about Isen. Cade accepted the job and found that Isen was on the planet Utapau. When Cade in his friends arrived there, Cade and Wolf sought out a contact named Pobos. When they met with him, he was shot by an assassin. After taking down the assassin, Pobos with his last breath, told Cade and Wolf that Isen was on the planet and that there was an assassination plot on Admiral Stazi. After much persisting, Wolf convinced Cade to call his friends warning them about the assassination attempt.

    Later, Cade and Wolf finally located where Vul Isen was along with Darth Azard. While listening, they found out that Isen plans to destroy the population of the planet Utapau by poisoning the water supply. The two went towards the attack on the two Sith with Wolf dueling Darth Azard and Cade chasing after Vul Isen. When Cade finally caught up with him towards a cliff, he, along with every Sith around the galaxy felt a disturbance in the Force which revealed to Cade that Darth Krayt was still alive. Using this to his advantage, Isen jumped from the cliff with the vial of poison. Cade managed to slice Isen in half with his lightsaber and catch the vial with the Force before he landed in the water.

    However, when Cade hit the water, he started to have a vision of the future with him fighting the revived Darth Krayt and nothing afterward. When Cade got out of the water, it was then that he realized that the Force shaped him to face Darth Krayt and stop him-whether if its his last job or not.


    Later, Cade received visions of himself of turning to the Dark Side to serve Darth Krayt and killing Wolf Sazen and his Uncle, Nat Skywalker. Although he was able to convince his former master to tell the Jedi Council of Darth Krayt's return, the council believed that because of Skywalker's influence with the Dark Side, they do not fully trust him.

    Cade and his companions later help Admiral Stazi and Rogue Squadron destroy an Imperial star destroyer that Darth Krayt sent preventing it from bombarding the planet Falleen. During the battle, Cade received a message from his Mother, Morrigan Corde, to meet her at the Wheel in three days. Before Cade left to go to The Wheel, he sent Darth Krayt a message, telling him that he will kill him. After arriving, Cade and his companions made their way to one of Corde's safe house and found a dying Nyna Calxite, who revealed herself to be Morrigan Corde. She told Cade about being poisoned by Morish Veed and that she wanted to make amends to Cade for not being there for him. Cade explained to her that he could not heal her because it would make him draw out the Dark Side and in order to draw out the light side, he needed to love her. At that moment, Kol Skywalker appeared, and convinced him to save her. While healing her at first, Cade could only remember the pain Corde has caused towards the family, drawing out the dark side, but Kol told Cade that he had already forgiven Corde, and with that, Cade managed to draw out the light side, healing her. With that, Cade also had forgiven her mother.

    With Morrrigan healed, she joined Cade and his friends getting ready to leave the Wheel, but before they left, Darth Talon appeared and told Cade that Darth Krayt received his message, and left Skywalker with a gift in the Mynock. After Talon left, the group found the Antares Draco frozen in carbonite. After thawing him out, Draco told them about the plan with saving Princess Fel, and while the plan succeeded, he was captured by his former master Darth Havok, who had broken him in revealing the secret location of the Jedi temple on Taivas. Cade sent a message to the temple warning them about an attack, and headed straight to the temple.

    When Cade arrived at the Jedi Temple, the council summoned him to discuss the situation. Cade told them to lure the Sith into a trap, and when the time comes, both Admiral Stazi and Roan Fel's fleet would come and ambushed them. When the battle arrived, Cade joined his Uncle, Nat Skywalker to fight off the Sith, and during the battle he made peace with his Uncle after the incident on Kiffex. As the battle raged on, Darth Krayt released his Sith troopers to join the battle, turning the tide against the allied forces. With no choice, the other to evacuate the temple was given, and Cade decided to stay behind with his Uncle and Tr'a Saa. As the two fought off the Sith troopers, a shot down Sith ship made it's way towards them. With Cade thinking there was no way out, Nat then force pushed him out of the window into the ocean. Cade could only watch in anger as his Uncle sacrificed his life to save him. After making his way on board of the Mynock, Cade fought against remains of Sith troopers, leaving one alive. With his crew, Cade journeyed back to Bastion to regroup.

    When they arrive, Cade agreed to going to Coruscant and lead a small strike force to disable the Orbital defense computer so that the allied forces can make a sneak attack. Afterward, the team made their attack on the Sith Temple where Darth Talon, Darth Stryfe and other Sith warriors awaited them. As Cade took on Darth Talon, he watched his former master Wolf Sazen and Darth Stryfe both died at each others blade. Afterward, Shado told Cade to go after Krayt.

    Darth Talon attempted to warn Krayt, but when she reached his chambers, Cade Force pushed her, knocking her unconscious. Cade then turned his attention to Krayt and engaged in combat. They found themselves evenly matched, but Krayt gained the upperhand by manipulating shatterpoints, an offensive use of the healing technique he learned from Cade himself. He showed Cade a vision of the future in which he was victorious and attempted to bring Cade to the Dark Side of the Force and into the One Sith as his apprentice. Cade rejected the offer, and in a surprise attack, stabbed Krayt killing him, while declaring that he now held no more doubts about who he was; a Jedi. However, Krayt was not finished and spoke to Cade from beyond the grave. He promised to heal himself again. Determined to rid the Galaxy of Krayt forever, Cade decided to fly Krayt's body into Coruscant's sun. When Krayt threatened to transfer his essence into Cade, Skywalker decided that they would both go into the sun as well. The Force Ghost of Luke Skywalker dissuaded him from this path, ejecting himself from the ship before it went into the sun. Deliah and Jariah picked up a lifeless Cade up in the Mynock. They were relieved when Cade emerged from his Jedi Hibernation Trance unharmed. Together with his friends, Cade set a course far away, now at peace.


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