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    Cody Fleisher was killed and resurrected as Cadaver. After the reaction of friends and family to his new appearance, Cadaver decided to remain with Dr. Druid and the Defenders.

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    Malachi's transformative kiss
    Malachi's transformative kiss

    Cody Fleisher was a teenager, who was loitering in a cemetery with his friends musing about what it would be like to die, when the sorceress Malachi appeared. Needing sustenance, she kissed Cody, draining his lifeforce and seemingly killing him. Cody was restored to life as a re-animated corpse and began calling himself Cadaver. He was brought back by Agamotto to stop Malachi from acquiring the Moebius Stone, and with the Defenders, he eventually stopped the sorceress. Despite his task being complete, Cadaver remained reanimated with magic powers. When he was met with an unwelcome home thanks to his appearance, he decided to stick around as a Defender.


    Cadaver was created by Tom Brevoort and first appeared in Secret Defenders #16.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Fist of Vishanti

    Soon after joining the Secret Defenders, the deal that Dr. Druid had made with Slorioth was causing problems. Druid was being manipulated into releasing Slorioth. Cadaver stood by Druid as he summoned three new Defenders (Dagger, Deathlok, and Drax) pure of spirit to fulfill the prophecy of Slorioth’s release. However, Joshua Pryce and his mentor, Al, planned to confront Druid with their own summoned three, the original Defenders (Hulk, Namor, and Silver Surfer).

    Cadaver is re-animated for the second time
    Cadaver is re-animated for the second time

    Cadaver was charged by Druid to protect the mystical causeway to Slorioth as Druid enters to fulfill his task of freeing him. Once Slorioth was risen, Cadaver and his fellow undead teammate, Sepulchre, were pulled into the netherverse by Joshua Pryce, where they were immune to the dimension’s soul-sucking trait to face off against their corrupted leader.

    Knowing Cadaver is vulnerable while armed with his Sword of Bone, Druid destroys Cadaver. This gets the attention of the Vishanti and the Living Tribunal, who lock Slorioth back up. Their final act was re-animating Cadaver yet again as he has a part to play in the War of the Seven Spheres, which according to the Vishanti, should only last another 5 thousand years.

    Character Profile

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    • Height: 5'9" (as Cody), 6'2" (as Cadaver)
    • Weight: 160 lbs (as Cody), 200 lbs (as Cadaver)
    • Eye Color: Brown (as Cody), Black with white pupils (as Cadaver)
    • Hair Color: Brown (as Cody), Gray (as Cadaver)
    • Citizenship: American
    • Occupation: Avatar of Agamotto
    • Known Relatives: Mr. Fleischer (father)
    • Distinguishing Characteristics: Cody appears as a shriveling, decaying corpse.

    Powers and Abilities

    Fist of Vishanti: Cadaver's body is composed of a blue mystic flame. This flame makes him strong and durable, capable of healing almost instantly.

    • Sword of Bone: He can also detach and transform his ribcage bone into a sword capable of hurting even The Hulk. Because his Sword of Bone is powered by the same blue flame that gives him his powers, he is vulnerable while he is armed with it.

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