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 Cadaver is one of Mutant Street Beatniks. After beeing contaminated with alien Zenelles spores he tryed to was spores of. Unfortinately the liquid that Bert used to wash his face was in fact industrial waste. Waste burned his face and he paniked. While paniking he fell down to the sewer. Adam Balm (Metalman) and PhiliipLePew (Black Crystal) jumped after Bert, but they werent able to help him. Bert rotted away day in the sewer water and thought that his friends had abandonet him. He harboured grudge against his former fellow Beatniks and tryed to kill them. At that point his former fellow Beatniks had become The Atomiks (superhero theam). The Atomics travelled to future where Cadaver had became Ice wizard by useing  Dr Flems brain. Dr Flems Brain allowed Cadaver to attach other life forms to him self to gain theyr pover. The Atomics defeated Cadaver and then they returned to the past where they made peace with Cadaver.

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