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    Cactus is a humanoid cactus plant created by Dominus. He attacks with his sharp needles and has the ability to regenerate certain body parts.

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    Cactus is a humanoid cactus plant created by Dominus along with Butte, Gila and Sunstroke. They first battled the West Coast Avengers when they came to Arizona to seek out Firebird but were easily outmatched. Dominus would meet the Wacos sometime later and he created an army of Cactus, Butte and Gila soldiers. The Wacos would easily defeat this army and take down Dominus.   


    Cactus was created by Steve Englehart, Al Milgrom and Joe Sinnott in 1987 and first appeared in The West Coast Avengers # 17.

    Powers & Abilities

    Cactus is a humanoid cactus plant that attacks his enemies with his needles. Cactus is not very durable and can be easily sliced, cut or blasted. Cactus has the ability to regenerate some of its limbs after it has been destroyed.

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