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Awesome Ending to and Awesome Series

Warning!!!Spoilers can be found below!!!

Im a huge deadpool fan and im not going ot be bias whne I say that this was a great issue. The amount of violence and the humor shown in this issue was great. He teams up with some of the greats from the marvel universe (including saving Spidey's emo butt) and even saves the day in the end. Between seeing the fat sumo version of Agent X tearing away from his donuts long enough to fight, the symbiotic dino's rampaging about and Deadpool becoming a symbiote for like two seconds. I dont know how this could have ended any better. He even gets a futuristic spear from his old buddy cable that makes mince meat of symbionts. I hope he gets his own mini series very soon. And dont lets this review choc full of spoilers stop you from reading it. Issue #50 is really a great read.

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