Cable & Deadpool #40

    Cable & Deadpool » Cable & Deadpool #40 - Fractured, Part One released by Marvel on July 1, 2007.

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    Picking up from the furious action in X-Men, an alien soul vampire called the Hecatomb is rampaging across Cable's South Pacific haven of Providence. The only way to stop this creature is for Cable to restore his telepathy and telekinesis -- but the only way to do that might be to make a deal with the Devil itself -- an alien parasite called the Mummadrai. To save his dream, will Cable sacrifice his soul?

    In his mind Cable runs over the dead bodies of fellow X-Men as he heads towards the team fighting the Hetacomb. When he reaches the beast, he asks the Mummudrai in his head what he should do. The telepathic leech tells him he must do what he does best and he asks himself, "What do I do best?" He says that what he does best is what 'they' all expect of him. Then he asks what he expects of himself. Cable comes to the conclusion that it doesn't really matter because everyone makes up their mind about who you are. The thing is, the mind plays tricks on you.

    In the real world, Cable hasn't moved an inch. He's standing motionlessly in a hallway as Domino and Prester John come up to see what's wrong.

    While Prester and Domino try to see what's up with Cable, the X-Men continue to fight the Hetacomb. Cannonball explodes in the monster's face in order to damage it, but his attempts do nothing.

    Back in the hall with Cable, the Mummdrai in his head tells him that Rogue, who is on a hospital bed in the room at the end of the hall, is their only hope. Domino and Prester leave to solve other problems and Cable gets back to the world in his head, but the Mummdrai isn't the only other thing there anymore. The alien is beginning to reactivate his psychic powers and he can hear the minds of all the people the Hetacomb has attacked. Cable knows that the powers are a double-edged sword though, one he keeps cutting himself with. He wanted to change the world with ideas, not "the blunt end of a mutant stick." His powers put him in bad position. Using them to save the world today, ruins his plans for the future. His real body takes a step.

    Elsewhere on Providence, Black Box and Irene try to figure out what's going on. Black Box doesn't know since Cable has cut himself off from the infonet. Irene gets a message from some of the workers on Providence that are trying to evacuate all the inhabitants. He says that it would take a lot of trips to get everyone off Providence, and even then, the boats would be sitting ducks in the water.

    As Cable continues his slow progress to Rogue, as well as trying to decide if he should save the world now or shape it later, he hears a familiar voice in his head. Deadpool. He figures that the Merc with a Mouth is with him to help him make a choice, so he talks it out with him. He says that if he does what he has to do, he can save Providence and maybe the whole world, but if he does that, Rogue might die and he might become a slave to his powers again. Deadpool says that since Cable said, "If I do what I have to do," he already knew what choice to make. Deadpool starts to vanish from Cable's mind, and Cable says, "She's bluffing."

    At Agency X headquarters, Wade is playing strip poker with Outlaw, but he's zoning out. Bob, Agent of Hydra, tells Wade to snap out of it since it's his turn, and he calls Outlaw on her cards. Turns out that the "she" Cable was talking about was Outlaw. Deadpool wins the hand and Outlaw has to lose her top.

    In Cable's mind again and his powers are getting stronger. He's feeling people all across the world. He feels Deadpool's happiness when he gets a look at Outlaw's goods. He feels Bullseye's happiness as he kills someone. Cable says he was happier when he was only pretending to know everything, but now he actually does. As his mental body runs around Providence, he tells the guys running the evacuation to tell everyone to hang on as he separates the bottom of the floating island and saves 80% of the population. In the hallway (but also still in his mind), Cable is drawn between Deadpool and Domino. Representations of what he needs to do, and what he wants to do, respectively. Cable chooses Deadpool and heads towards Rogue. Energy starts to gather around Cable, so much energy that everyone all over Providence can feel it, and he runs towards Rogue. It's time to do what he has to do. What he always knew he'd do. Even if he doesn't like it.


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    I honestly don't know how this issue was approved to be printed. The only thing in the entire issue that happens of any interest could have been accomplished in one panel. Literally nothing happens for most of the issue, and it's suppose to be a crossover (kinda) with X-Men. If your reading X-Men, do yourself a favor and pretend this issue of Cable & Deadpool doesn't exist. Don't think that this issue will be covered in the summary page of X-Men either... because it won't... because NOTHING ...

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