Cable and X-Force #3

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The Good

CABLE AND X-FORCE is shaping up to be a pretty fun read. With each passing issue, this team is slowly starting to come together, and in issue 3, we get to see the first real mission for this team as they try and stop a human killing virus spreading from a fast food chain processing plant, which was supposedly planted by the owner of the company, a very vocal person in the anti-mutant movement.

Cable and his team, which he doesn't like being called X-Force, run through a whole bunch of scenarios in order to stop the threat in the issue from happening. It's a pretty cool moment to watch a team plan out their strategy, which we don't see this in depth very often (or ever). Just because Cable has seen into the future, doesn't mean he can jump in and change it all willy-nilly. There has to be a well thought out plan.

Like I've been saying for quite some time, Salvador Larroca (art) with Frank D'Armata (colors) are a fantastic team. I love the overall style and the shading, especially in this issue, since we see quite a few close-ups. The final page of this issue is by far the best, as we get one beautifully drawn splash page, featuring one of the members of X-Force.

One of the coolest scenes in this issue is a short one. It's just three panels long, but we get to see how Forge sees the world, using his mutant powers. It's almost Terminator-like, and it's something I hope we continue to see in this series.

The Bad

I wasn't too keen on the treatment of Hope, in this issue. She was shoved aside, along with Domino because Cable didn't want her to go. While I get that Cable has always been Hope's protector, I would have really liked to see Hope in action in this issue and be a part of the team.

While I enjoyed the art immensely, I didn't enjoy the page layouts. Many of these pages are 4-5 panels of medium shots and close-ups of characters talking. This repeating layout becomes apparent extremely quickly, and frankly, I was not a fan of the over-use of this layout.

The Verdict

Overall, I enjoyed the issue, but I had some larger problems with it. If we had half stars, this would fit perfectly into the 3.5 category. The art on this issue is fantastic, as it usually is, but I had a big problem with the repetition of panel layouts and the over-use of medium and close-up shots.

I thought the story for this issue was fantastic. I loved seeing the plan for this team come together and Forge's scene was probably my favorite part of the issue, including seeing through his eyes how he uses his powers. I didn't like Hope's treatment here though.

Overall, it was pretty solid, and I recommend it.


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