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STRYFE LIVES! With the body of Nathan Summers under his control, Stryfe begins his assault on Cable's life and friends! Only one hope remains for Cable- his parents, Cyclops and Jean Grey of the X-Men! And Cable's wayward son Tyler learns the truth of his father's origin- but can he survive Stryfe's ambush?

More questions are answered, as Cyclops and Jean join Domino in the search for Stryfe/Cable. Even more are answered as Tyler Dayspring probes Askani and learns of Cable's origins.


  • Includes a pin-up of Cable by Tony Daniel.
  • Error: Page 2 has a speech bubble attributed to Zero when it should have been to Askani.
  • Error: Throeblood calls Apocalypse El Naban Sur instead of En Sabah Nur.


Tyler Dayspring can't help but feel proud of himself. Mr. Sinister has freed Stryfe from inside Cable's mind. Tyler has captured the electric embodiment of the latest Askani, which prevents her from warning Cyclops and Jean Grey. Just for kicks, Tyler demands that Askani relate the history of his father. Askani begins with the birth of Nathan Christopher to Cyclops.

At Camp Verde, Stryfe (in Cable's body) inspects himself in the mirror. He curses Cable for shaving off the goatee and hastily packs a bag. Siryn approaches him and asks if he is okay. The last she knew Cable had gone off to fight Sinsear. He assures her that he is fine before planting a deep kiss and then knocking her out with an intense telepathic blast. Rictor charges in and Stryfe shoots him.

In Xavier's Mansion, Jean Grey watches old home video taken by Madelyne Pryor. Cyclops joins her and she wonders if the two of them will ever be able to commit to each other as he and Madelyne Pryor had. Xavier moves in and offers his opinion that the two of them should be able to marry and have a family. The conversation turns to their seemingly failed offspring. Domino enters and informs the trio that Stryfe wasn't the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor - Cable was and is.

Inside Tyler's sanctuary, Askani shows him Cable's origin. Cable arrived in the future as a baby with the techno-organic virus. Mother Askani - Rachel Summers - feared that the child wouldn't survive and ordered to have him cloned. Tyler is shocked that Stryfe, the clone, the child without blemish, grew to be the man that tortured Tyler and warped his brain. He wonders what his life would have been like knowing that his father was truly the son of Cyclops.

Domino convinces Xavier, Cyclops, and Jean Grey to head to Camp Verde, the home of X-Force and the most likely place Stryfe will go to get supplies. Upon arriving, Xavier hurries the group along, as he senses the psionic cries of people in the base. They rush in and find Siryn and Richter lying on the ground. Domino goes searching for clues while the mutants are cared for. She returns as Siryn awakens to tell about her odd encounter with Cable. Domino shows a file that has Cable's personal diary on it in which he ponders about the goatee he grew. The group realizes that Cable must have been possessed before and is now possessed again by Stryfe. As confirmation, Zero appears and asks the group to accompany to reset his parameters. He is conflicted as to how to proceed himself and instructs the team to kill Cable to negate Stryfe.

Stryfe himself, meanwhile, tracks and finds Tyler's hideout. He finds a very conflicted Tyler and takes his moment to attack.



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X-Cutioner's Song, Part II 0

Here is what I really love about this issue: Stories like this get rushed all the time. This one, however, seems to be the right way to pull a bunch of plot lines together. This arc took over a year to lay its foundation and only three issues to drop bombs on the X-Universe. Cable's true parents; Tolliver's true identity; who Askani is and was and will be; Mr. Sinister's machinations with Cable; Stryfe's true nature. Epic.This amount of plot could typically be handled in some hackneyed way where...

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