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The Cable/Onslaught crossover issue! Far into the future, Cable fights an uphill battle to save the X-Men of the past. But how is the Hulk involved in this saga? And will he and Cable be able to cooperate long enough to stop Onslaught together?

Cable is weakened from his battle with Post but the trouble is just beginning because here comes a mind-controlled Hulk. Cable tries to calm Hulk down and Hulk reverts from his mindless Hulk to the smart Hulk. Cable realizes this is a trick when he notices Hulk is telepathically blocked form him. Hulk punts Cable across the landscape but manages to use his telekinesis to slam the Hulk through the ground.

To Cable's surprise, Hulk emerges from the rubble in his grey form and starts to pummel Cable. Cable still tries to convince Hulk that he is being controlled but Hulk doesn't like Cable in his head and smashes him with a diner. Storm arrives just in time to save Cable from certain death by lifting the diner off of him with her wind powers.

Cable is unconscious and his Techno-Virus is spreading rapidly. His heart has stopped. Storm gives him CPR and uses lightning to restart Cable's heart. Hulk returns to the battle and Cable mentally guides Storm's power to send a bolt of lightning into Hulk's brain and hits him with a telepathic bullet. This causes Hulk to turn back green, unfortunately for them though he turns into the Savage Hulk.

In the end, Ozymandias is greeted by Apocalypse who knows that now is the time to begin his preparations.

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