Cable #19

    Cable » Cable #19 - The Dark Ride Part 3: In The Name of the Father released by Marvel on January 1995.

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    The birth of Genesis! Cable's son has completed his villainous transformation, and holds his father captive in the fortress of Apocalypse! It's up to Storm and Domino to break Cable out- but does he have what it takes to bring down his own son?

    Cable surrenders himself to Genesis so that his teammates can "escape." They are really telepathically told to find him through a conveyed homing beacon. Genesis plans to use Cable to siphon energy and become the next Apocalypse. Cable's team trashes the place, however, and Cable opens his heart to his son. Genesis sees the truth but cannot commit to returning to America with Cable. The fortress explodes and a mysterious figure crawls from the ashes.


    Tyler Dayspring orders his Dark Riders to kill Cable's team. The fight is barely underway when Cable offers Genesis a deal: Let his friends go for an unconditional surrender. Genesis agrees and Cable gives Storm his X-badge (and a subtle telepathic message to trigger his homing beacon). Genesis then has Harddrive teleport him, his Dark Riders, and Cable to an old Apocalypse base in the desert.

    Storm engages the homing beacon and she, Domino, and Caliban begin their next hunt for the Dark Riders. After some time they reach what they hope is Cable's location, but it just appears to be a desert wasteland. Storm raises up a windstorm and blows sand off a large structure. It is clearly a previous base used by Apocalypse, as it is in his image. Domino leads the group into the base and they begin silently taking down Dark Riders.

    In the old Apocalypse base, Tyler explains that he is to suck Cable's life force to help him ascend to the throne of Apocalypse. Cable tries in vain to convince his son that he is clearly on the wrong path, but Tyler is blinded with hatred towards his father and refuses to listen to reason. Tyler declares his old life dead; he rises anew as Genesis.

    Cable has only one shot left and he opens his mind to his son. Tyler is appalled that his view of his father (naturally warped by his exposure to Stryfe) may be unfounded. He only finds love and sorrow in his father. Tyler orders Harddrive to take him and the Dark Riders away. Cable and the others barely make it out of the base before it explodes. Cable distances himself from the group and pulls out a picture of his family, which includes a young Tyler.

    Unseen, a shadowy figure crawls from the wreckage.



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    Too Much Talking Done Right 0

    I typically have a problem with comic books that go way heavy on exposition. My complaint is typically that the writer isn't letting the art do its share of the storytelling. This issue, however, I'm willing to give a pass. Up to this point, enough crumbs of Cable's past have been dropped to make the reader painfully aware of Tyler Dayspring's past. Tyler's rantings and ravings and machinations serve to show us - and the heartbroken Cable - that all the events taking place make sense.Exposition ...

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