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Cable…son of the Goblin Queen? That's what the evil sorcerer Belasco says, and if it's true, only Cable can stop sinister forces from creating a portal that will link Earth with the demonic realm of Limbo!

The Nexus of All Realities is being torn apart and Sym is at the center of it all. Cable must beat the demon before the Nexus consumes the earth. One problem, if Cable fails, the effects will be permanent.


Cable and Lee Forrester attempt to escape the old cabin as Belasco and D'Spayre fight. Cable leads through an open door and the two emerge from a large tower. Completely confused, the two are confronted by Belasco who introduces them to the Nexus of All Realities.

Belasco leads Cable and Lee through a discourse on the events of Inferno, in which Cable was used to open a portal from Limbo to Earth. When that plan failed, Cable was to be sacrificed in order to permanently bridge the two words. That also failed. Belasco hopes the Cable can help him control the Nexus. When Cable appears to be unwilling to help, Belasco tries to use magic to control Cable. It does not work. Belasco then turns to Lee and seals her mouth shut with her own flesh. Cable agrees to help the demon if Lee is spared. Belasco releases her.

S'ym arrives and he and Cable fight. The fight is soon over, however, and Belasco is able to close the Nexus. Cable and Lee decide to get back to their lives and Cable body-slides them out of the Everglades.

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