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At the time this issue was released, Cable had been missing for a while. He had disappeared in a battle with Stryfe. For him to get his own series as a way to show that he wasn't dead was a great way to break the news. There is a problem with this, however, in the sense that Cable isn't in this book until the very end. For a namesake to be absent from all but three or four pages of a 40+ page introductory book was just an odd choice. Aside from this, it was nice to get some answers about Cable. Kane does some history diving and the reader/fan can finally see the extent of Cable's time travels. As such, I will say that this book should be for fans that want to know every little detail. Otherwise, the book doesn't really deliver. The events don't register too heavily on mainstream 616 stories.

As for the art, it's perfect. Don't get me wrong, it's not the best I've seen from this era, but the editors did a great job getting someone with a style close enough to the art Cable had been seen with in X-Force. In that sense, the book isn't completely alienating. It's a comfortable transition.

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