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    Cable » Cable #1 - Rocks and Waves released by Marvel on May 1993.

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    Cable must return to the past. But what deadly path must be trave to claim the Temporal Device known as...The Timex!

    Garrison Kane is trapped in Cable's time and is waiting on his return. Kane learns about the death of Cable's wife, as well as the mind-washing of his son, Tyler. Kane's interest in Cable alerts the wrong crowd and Kane is attacked twice, once alone and once with Cable's clan. Cable appears. Things get dicey when Cable announces that the clan needs to use and then destroy the latest Tinex (a time travel device); but the one-man army, Sinsear, seems like a likely foe to stop any of their plans, as well as stop the clan from ever existing.


    In the future, Garrison Kane watches Cable's Clan Chosen fight the New Canaanites on an empdisc, a device that not only records events but also their emotional impacts. Cable calls out to his friends Silo and Tetherblood to keep the attack away from their base - Cable's wife is there. He's assured that the base will be fine; his son Tyler is there to protect everyone. Cable grows concerned that the New Canaanite attack seems far more aggressive than usual; their tactics seem a little more intense. Just then, a bomb is dropped on the base camp. Fearing the worst, Cable runs to the base. He is stopped by teammate Boak. Cable refuses to hear that there is nothing that he can do and he charges on until his finds his wife's body. He lifts her up and she manages to ask what has happened with their son Tyler. Cable lies and says that he's alright. She passes in his arms and Cable asks where Tyler's body is. Boak informs him that Tyler's body is missing. The Clan Chosen had been mistaken about the attack. It wasn't the New Canaanites, it was Stryfe. And, by all appearances, Tyler was dead - he was taken!

    Once the disc is finished playing, Kane returns it to the library circulation desk. The librarian comments on Kane's curious interest in the Clan Chosen. Kane simply remarks that he's writing a book on them and perhaps he'll be back the next day. As Kane walks out of the library the librarian makes a discreet call with Kane's location. Outside, Kane can't help but thinking that he still needs to get used to this time period even though he's been stuck there for a year. He ponders how society ended up as it has with Apocalypse winning a one hundred year war. Wondering when Cable will return for him, Kane is suddenly jumped by some New Canaanite Rowdies. Thinking he's some history nerd, they look to rough Kane up for looking into the Clan Chosen's files. Kane has no problem giving these guys his full attention. He pops out his new machinery - limbs made from synthetic-organic liquid metal. He easily defeats the goons and gets away before he draws too much attention to himself.

    Kane had already drawn too much attention to himself. General Haight and his men watch the video of the Rowdies' attack and Kane's handy whooping. It is discovered that Kane is a grey-screen, someone without origin. A time traveler. General Haight wants information on Kane fast and he hires the Flatliners to do the dirty work. They are dispatched immediately so that the plans with Sinsear will go unhindered.

    Garrison Kane arrives at the Clan Chosen base he's been staying in for the past year. Cable's old teammates welcome him back, though Dawnsilk is peeved that he may have led enemies to their door. Kane, ever-confident, assures them all that he shook any tales he may have acquired. Tetherblood wonders if all the archive raiding that Kane is doing is getting the attention of the wrong people. Regardless, Kane wants to learn about Cable's son, Tyler. Boak begins playing the last bit of data he has on Tyler.

    After Tyler's abduction, Cable led his Clan Chosen into some Lake Michigan venting tunnels where he thought Stryfe may have some operations. For sure, they are attacked by Stryfe's forces. The greatest surprise, however, is when Cable finds that Tyler has now joined Stryfe's side and has taken Dawnsilk hostage. He'd linked with her mind to sabotage any escape Cable may have intended. Stryfe explains that his lackey Frisco has manipulated Tyler's mind. Seeing no hope for his son, Cable chooses to act and shoots Tyler, freeing Dawnsilk and causing her mild brain damage. Cable then teleports his team away while Stryfe laughs at his latest triumph.

    With such bleak information, Kane sees a new side of Cable. He wonders when Cable will return when the Clan Chosen hideaway is raided by the Flatliners. The mercenaries explain that Kane leaves a traceable ceph-wave. A fight starts and Dawnsilk once again finds herself used as leverage. A Flatliner has a knife to her throat. The fight looks to be over when a mysterious shot takes the Flatliner out, freeing Dawnsilk. Everyone turns around and finds Cable. No celebration can be had because Cable tells everyone to run. They know to trust him and, as they exit the building, the dead Flatliner's suit explodes. Once everyone has had the chance to settle down, Cable informs them all that they are headed up to Niagara Falls to destroy the latest New Canaanite Tinex.

    In Africa, General Haight walks through a battle field of dead bodies. He approaches the one man responsible for the death. A wounded soldier tries to reason that the man is a monster. The one-man army crushes the soldier's face with his boot. General Haight congratulates Sinsear on a successful test run. Sinsear is pleased with the praise, especially since it prepares him to kill all the New Canaanites. General Haight is unmoved; he has a better idea - revenge on the Clan Chosen for giving Sinsear his ghastly appearance. Sinsear likes this idea.

    In the old X-Force base in the Adirondack Mountains, Cable preps his team for an attack on the Tinex at Niagara Falls. Hope is doubtful and Cable tells her to get over their little tiff. (Hope is Cable's sister-in-law, the sister of Cable's dead wife.) Kane asks what they are breaking in to and learns that the Tinex is Niagara Falls. The mission is important because it appears that the New Canaanites are planning to send someone back in time to assure their dominance in the future-present. Kane wonders who they'd need to kill to maintain their power. Cable knows. It's Cable they are after.


    • Embossed cover.

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    At the time this issue was released, Cable had been missing for a while. He had disappeared in a battle with Stryfe. For him to get his own series as a way to show that he wasn't dead was a great way to break the news. There is a problem with this, however, in the sense that Cable isn't in this book until the very end. For a namesake to be absent from all but three or four pages of a 40+ page introductory book was just an odd choice. Aside from this, it was nice to get some answers about Cable. ...

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