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Caber first appeared as one of Celtic Gods assembled by Leir to help defend Asgard against Seth's army.


Caber is a character from celtic folklore.

Story Arcs

Caber was then recruited by Leir to abduct Sif as a bride. She accepted, but she requested that the two Celts first join her on a mission to Earth to help find Thor. Leir, Caber, and Sif arrived on Earth disguised as mortals and began their search for Thor in his then-mortal identity of Eric Masterson. They finally located Thor in the Black Galaxy with Hercules and told them of the battle raging between Ymir and Surtur. Caber and Leir once more defended Asgard, fighting alongside Hercules.

Leir finally decided to settle things between Sif and him by defeating Thor. He soon learned however that Sif had chosen to fight for herself. After Leir was defeated by Sif, he and Caber returned to Avalon.

Journey into Mystery

When the Celtic Gods are attacked by Master Wilson and his army of Manchester Gods, Caber is set off to the other pantheons to seek help. His travels take him to Asgardia and the throne room of the All-Mothers. There the All-Mothers say no to sending aid and send him back to the Celtic gods. Caber is later seen fighting along side the other Celtic Gods to keep Wilson's army out of Camelot.

Powers & Abilities

Caber is a Celtic god that possesses superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. Caber possesses superhuman speed and is very formidable in hand-to-hand combat.


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