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    Cabbot is the Leader of the mercenary team Bloodstrike.

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    Cabbot is a superhuman mercenary and leader of the team known as Bloodstrike. His brother is John Annex "Battlestone" Stone ex member of Youngblood and leader of Brigade. His father is Michael "Quantum" Stone.


    Little is known about Cabbot Stone's background and his life before Bloodstrike. Cabbot was revived and was made a part of KnightStrike. During his time in KnightStrike, he fell in love with a woman named Yuki and was once again killed.

    Character History

    After being killed during a mission while working for KnightStrike, he was later reanimated but this time for the organization known as Bloodstrike. Being a part of Bloodstrike was a catastrophe, missions didn't go as planned and the director of the organization also had a hidden agenda because he was also part of an evil organization. When Noble, the director of Bloodstrike, was revealed to be an agent for the Covenant of the Sword and was executed, Bloodstrike disbanded.

    Powers and Abilities

    Cabbot was born with the Nu-Gene strain in his blood, making him stronger, faster than an average human; It also causes him to age slower. Upon his death, Cabbot was re-animated through Project Born Again which allows him to heal from mortal wounds and continue to live. Due to this, he is technically undead.


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