Cabal of Scrier

    Team » Cabal of Scrier appears in 59 issues.

    Scrier is the name of a secretive cult based on the cosmic entity called Scrier.

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    Origins of the Scrier

    Scrier is a seemingly ancient cult based on an ancient being of great power that may or may not have existed also named Scrier. The Brotherhood of Scrier all wear identical costumes and masks. Together they are dedicated to obtaining more power.  

    Enter: Norman Osborn

    While seemingly mystical in nature and power like the being they model themselves after, in reality, their "powers" stem from sophisticated technology created by Mendel Stromm at the behest of Norman Osborn. Norman Osborn joined  the cult while hiding in Europe following his "death" and eventually rose to the head of the organization after disposing of the cult's head Scrier. Still believed to be dead, Osborn used the Scrier cult as his personal eyes and ears for years, as well as his personal minions to further his own goals.  
    It was Osborn who instructed a Scrier to bring tissue samples of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy to  Miles Warren in ordered to be cloned for Warren's own twisted ends, which Osborn would later use for his own purposes. Osborn also used a Scrier to befriend a mutant who could also alter people's perceptions named Judas Traveller so that Osborn could use Traveller as a pawn against Spider-Man and Ben Reilly, the Scarlet Spider.  Traveller was later betrayed by the majority of his Host and the Scrier; Traveller hasn't been seen since. After Miles Warren returned as the Jackal, Osborn instructed a Scrier to confront him to stop the Jackal's mad scheme to unleash his Carrion virus and replace the world's population with clones. While unsuccessful, it did buy time for Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider to stop him.  
    Following his return, Norman Osborn continued using the Scrier, including the procuring of an object of great interest from Alison Mongrain, which also brought them into direct confrontation with Kaine. They managed to apparently persevere, but this was never ellaborated on, even when Kaine made his eventual return some time later. 


    The Scrier later became embroiled in an ongoing war with Spider-Girl, daughter of the true Spider-Man. They later broke Roderick Kingsley, the original Hobgoblin, out of prison to use against Spider-Girl in hopes of finishing her off. Although he Hobgoblin failed to kill Spider-Girl, he then severed all ties with the Scrier so he could concentrate on his own scheme, which centered around becoming the new Kingpin of Crime.

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