C. Viper

    Character » C. Viper appears in 32 issues.

    Female detective who was sent by a mysterious organization to infiltrate SIN and gather information on its BLECE Project.

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    Crimson Viper is a American fighter employed by S.I.N. but were unaware of her true identity as a undercover for the  CIA to investigate the activity of Boiling Liquid Expanding Cell Explosion Project (BLECE). She's also wearing special battle suit  
    armor designed by S.I.N. On her first mission Maya arrived in  France with the goal to get hold of some case. She was also introduced to the suit's unique abilities on that task. She effortlessly finished it without any troubles and then met with the man named Vincent who gave her task to steal secret information from Lorre Advanced Systems Corp. At first, it seemed easy, but after downloading a data she confronted the guards who tried to stop her, but didn't succeded in it.


    Crimson Viper's main advantage is her suit which crammed with various gadgets. She has miniaturized generator capable of emitting 10000 volts in her left glove and seismic hammer in the right one that can create a concussive vibrational jolt equal to  thousands of pounds of pressure per inch. Her boots are equipped with flame throwers jet propulsion which allows her to fly at high speed. But even without the suit, Maya is extremely agile and good fighter. 

    Video game appearances

    • Street Fighter IV

      Super Street Fighter IV

      Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition


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