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    Blythe Bonner and her brother would create powersuits able to have complete electronic interaction. Taking the name Byte she would come to battle both Firestorm and Firehawk on waves of electronic web.

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    Blythe and Barney Bonner are siblings empowered through an electronic accident which happened when they where children. Their mother Dr.Belle Haney was trying to toggle between raise the kids and working on her garage computer workshop. Her husband Frank Bonner was supportive, but never found time to share all the work.

    With the hazards of loose electronic cables everywhere and children's idle hands disaster was inevitable. Every piece of equipment in the workshop shorted out but even though thousands of volts of electricity pouring through their bodies both survived.

    Their parents soon separated and her father began drinking and denouncing her mother. Growing up to hate her mother and havening a possessive nature with her younger brother Blythes anger would fester like a wound.

    Years later fate would have Blythe be a classmate of Ronnie Raymond, Firestorm the gestalt atomic man. Blythe would attack her mother as Byte at the Coliseum Science Fair in Manhattan. Thwarted by Firestorm, Blythe would have her cover blown because Firestorm recognized her as one of his classmates.


    She was created as villain for Firestorm in the Fury of Firestorm #23 in 1984

    Major Story Arcs 

     Fighting both Firestorm and his partner Firehawk as electronic pulses in a maddening electronic cyber-web. Trapping Firestorm, Firehawk and her mother in the electronic loop she demanded her brother Barney, now calling himself Bug, shut down the system. Bug refused and Byte lost every last ounce of resolve, going insane she attacked her brother and flew away from the scene. Firestorm assisted in helping Bytes parents resolve their deferences and helped Barney heal. Byte however honed her powers made criminal connections and harbored her hate.

    Years later the Deathstroke would find both siblings and try to force their joining the newly formed Secret Society of Super Villains. It is not known what has happened to Byte or her brother Bug since the Terminator was strangling Byte.

    Powers and Abilities

    Blythe Bonner as Byte can change into a being of pure electricity. She can change her electro-energy form into different forms and shapes and ride electrical waves as transportation even uses an outlet as a route. Byte as an energy form creature can pass through many objects and can control the voltage of her being. She can also psionically and physically enter the electronic web and control its functions in her electro-energy form.


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