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    The former Green Lantern of the planet Zymia and protector of Space Sector 83. Once a member of the Corps, Bynari betrayed her fellow Lanterns to the Black Circle and died in disgrace at the hands of her former colleague Shilandra Thane.

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    Green Lantern (Renegade)
    Status: Deceased
    Space Sector: 83
    Sector Partner: Service pre-dated Sector Partners
    Homeworld: Zymia
    Predecessor: Ahtier


    In the years before the universal Crisis on Infinite Earths, Ahtier of Glazzonio, the former Green Lantern of Sector 83, was fighting a Coltan Raider ship in space, high above the planet Zymia.  Athier was seriously wounded when the starship self-destructed.  The Green Lantern plummeted in a ball of fire to the planet below.  Unfortunately for the injured Lantern, Zymia was a planet known for their strong opposition to the Green Lantern Corps.

    Ahtier's impending death was made more tragic by the fact that she was pregnant.  Upon death, a Lantern's power ring was programmed to locate a worthy successor.  The ring was not programmed to consider the fate of the soon-to-be-born child within Ahtier's womb.  The ring coldly informed Athier that the child would have to be sacrificed if her life was to be saved.  Athier struggled against the ring's programming, fighting the ring's directive to keep her alive until the child was born.  Exhausted and near death, Athier cradled her newborn son as the ring set off to find a worthy replacement.

    A short distance away, Bynari, a local Zymian, faced her own tragedy.  Bynari's husband Brayle had been killed by the falling debris of the exploding Coltan Raider.  Despite her intense grief , Ahtier's ring sensed strength within Bynari and selected her as the Green Lantern's successor.

    The ring transported Bynari to the dying mother, however, Bynari was horrified by the sight of the Green Lantern, blaming Ahtier for her husband's death.  Despite Bynari's open contempt, Ahtier knew she was dealing with a woman capable of becoming a Green Lantern.  Athier informed the Zymian that she was deemed honest and without fear, and invited Bynari to take her place in the Green Lantern Corps.  Bynari was even more shocked when the dying Lantern made a more personal request, asking her successor to care for her newborn child.  Although still reluctant, Bynari was stirred by this dying request and instructed the ring to recount Ahtier's past.

    Bynari was flooded with images of a universal force; a force dedicated to preventing others from experiencing tragedies like the one she had just endured.  Bynari looked at Ahtier with a new respect and understanding.  She vowed to uphold the tenant of the Corps and protect all life, including her predecessor's newborn baby.  Bynari would soon serve beside her fellow Lanterns during the Crisis on Infinite Eartths.

    The Green Lantern of Zymia.
    The Green Lantern of Zymia.


    Honoring Athier's last wish, Bynari raised her predecessor's son as if he were her own.  She made a home for them on Zymia and named the child Brayle, in honor of the husband she lost that day.

    Bynari serve the Green Lantern Corps as the protector of Space Sector 83 until Parallax destroyed the Central Power Battery and killed the Guardians of the Universe.  Over three thousand Green Lanterns across the universe found themselves powerless by the destruction Parallax brought to Oa.  Some Lanterns were able to leave the Corps behind and move on with their lives.  Others continued to fight evil in organizations such as the Darkstars and the earth's Justice Leagues.  While some Lanterns fell into despair, unable to cope with the sudden loss of power, respect, identity, and pride that came with serving as an Officer of the Green Lantern Corps.

    Yet, some Lanterns were destined for another fate.  Now de-powered, and without the authority of the Corps, many Green Lanterns found themselves targeted for revenge.  Scores of former Lanterns were killed by villains like Fatality and Amon Sur, leader of the criminal organization known as the Black Circle.  Bynari was among many former Lanterns, including Brik and Salaak, who were captured and enslaved.  Fortunately, these Lanterns were rescued by Guy Gardner and spared enslavement.  Presumably, Bynari returned to Zymia after being freed.

    Since the destruction of the Corps, many worlds suffered without the Green Lanterns to maintain order.  The people of Zymia were no exception, and fell victim to the galaxy spanning criminal syndicate, the Black Circle.  The Black Circle was run by the corrupt son of Abin Sur, Amon Sur, and dealt in every type of illegal activity  from drugs to weapons to murder and slavery.  The Circle was a constant presence on Zymia, and Bynari's past as a Green Lantern did not escape their notice.

    When Kyle Rayner decided to bring an end to the Black Circle, he sent a message to all former Green Lanterns, seeking recruits to aid him in his war against Amon Sur.  Although hundreds of Lanterns were contacted, only Voz, Reemuz, Bynari, and Shilandra Thane ventured to meet with Rayner and the recently resurrected Kilowog.  The former Lanterns were skeptical of Rayner and thought his crusade to be a fool's errand, but eventually his courage and determination won them over.  A plan was conceived to bring down Amon Sur and the Black Circle, however, the Lanterns were unaware that Bynari was working for the very organization they intended to destroy.  The Black Circle had intercepted the call sent to Bynari and quickly captured the Zymian Lantern.  Bynari was tortured for days by the Circle's agents, who threatened to kill her son and enslave the people of Zymia if she did not agree to act as a double agent against her former colleagues.

    Rayner's plan called for him to go undercover as a bounty hunter while the Lanterns made their way to Amon Sur's capital ship and dismantle the Circle's doomsday weapon.  Bynari was partnered with Shilandra Thane, who was still unaware of her partner's betrayal.  As they talked, Bynari told Shilandra about her son, and confessed that she would do anything to protect him from harm.  As Shilandra vowed to do everything in her power to help Bynari protect her son, the Zymian grabbed Shilandra's face from behind, burning her with the acid which Zymians can secrete from their hands.

    Four of the Circle's guards quickly appeared and seized Shilandra.  As the guards carried the wounded Lantern to an air-lock, Bynari explained the Black Circle's threats and the reasons for her betrayal; arguing that one had to look after themselves in such a cruel universe.  The Zymian activated the air-lock's outer doors, but Shilandra escaped death by quickly climbing into the duct work overhead.  When Bynari opened the inner doors to inspect her work, Shilandra seized her head from above and snapped her neck, killing the traitor in one quick move.  Shilandra dropped from the ceiling and disposed of the four guards, before activating the air-lock herself.  The lifeless bodies of Bynari and the guards drifted off into space, as the remaining Lanterns carried out their mission to destroy the Black Circle.
    Bynari - paid the ultimate price for her betrayal of the Green Lantern Corps.
    Bynari - paid the ultimate price for her betrayal of the Green Lantern Corps.

    Over time the Corps would be reborn.  Shilandra Thane, Voz, Reemuz, Kilwog and Kyle all returned to service as Green Lanterns, while Bruun, another Zymian woman, was chosen to protect Space Sector 83.  The fate of Bynari's son Brayle remains unknown.

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